Sony A55 Capable of Shooting 3K Video?

A hacker sent an email to Sony Alpha Rumors alleging that it is possible to hack the Sony A55 firmware to capture 3K video at 24p and/or 1080p video at 48/60 fps.

“I have had the Sony A55v for about a week. I’m already into the firmware and from years of hacking motherboard/video-card BIOS and Pentax cameras I can tell you the APS-C sensor can shoot MJPEG at 3k resolution at 24p for at least 45 seconds. I’m more interested in 1080p at 48/60 FPS. I’ll tell right now the memory buffer systems in this camera is huge….probably 3-4 times that of the GH1. All I’ve done is break into the code. A proper hack would take months. Thousands of possible settings to adjust. Testing. But you need thousands of people and a big community to support a project like that.” SonyAlphaRumors

While this would most likely interest a rather niche audience, if the Panasonic GH1 hack is anything to measure it by, it could also be a pretty big deal.



  1. says

    Just unlocking some of the crippled features would do a great deal:
    * Manual Shutter control in Video Mode
    * 1080p rather than Interlaced

    * Fully Manual Flash control