Nikon D7000 Available Very Soon

Nikon Rumors got a tip and photo evidence that the new Nikon D7000 is sitting in Best Buy stock rooms everywhere, but they won’t sell them to you just yet.

Word is that Best Buy will start selling them on October 17 or 18 (my money’s on the 17th because that’s when Best Buy starts it new ads for each week).

BB D7000 lists October 17-22 as arrival dates for pre-orders, as seen in the screenshot above.

B&H Photo, Adorama and Amazon also have the Nikon D7000 listed, with some offering pre-orders, but no dates for availability yet.  Check those pages out below.

Nikon D7000 (body only)

Nikon D7000 (w/ 18-105mm lens)



  1. geek says

    It is true that D7000 are already in Best Buy store. We saw three of them today while employees were doing the downstocking.