Canon Cross Media Station

by on October 14, 2010

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At the Canon Expo in Paris, Canon’s new Cross Media Station prototype made an appearance.   The Canon Cross Media Station serves two key functions:

  1. It transmits data from your Canon camera/camcorder without the need to remove your memory card.
  2. It inductively charges the camera’s battery without the need to remove the battery from the camera.

Essentially, the Canon Cross Media Station appears to be a Powermat meets Eye-Fi device.  Check out the video below for a hands-on demo from Trusted Reviews.

[Trusted Reviews via Photo Rumors]




1 Phil October 15, 2010 at 2:28 am

To me this looks like a technical solution to a problem that does’nt really exist. I wish Canon would put some more of their efforts into a new 5D MKIII, 1DS MKIV, or some new lenses rather than this sort of cross media product. Sorry to be negative, or am I missing the point here?

2 xlerate October 15, 2010 at 12:25 pm


I agree.
They are busy with products of this sort and I think I am not alone when they should be addressing the echo of people that have invested good money into existing products that could be addressed with firmware.
There is no reason that the 7D /550D cannot have manual audio controls via firmware.
I feel they have no interested in resolving this, rather just release new products that will trickle out features.

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