New Olympus E-Series on September 15

Olympus is teasing a new E-Series announcement for later this week.  Rumors suggest a new Olympus E-5 as a successor to the Olympus E-3.

A possible spy shot of the E-5 is depicted below from

Rumored specifications include a 12.3MP sensor, 5-6 frames per second still shooting, 720p HD video capture and built-in image stabilization.

[via & Photo Rumors]



  1. Scott says

    What’s the point? I used to have one of these larger Olympus dslr’s, and dumped it. They’re as big as a Nikon or Canon, but have a smaller sensor.

    Olympus has a corner on the small dslr market with the E-620. They should concentrate on that market rather than trying to compete with the big dogs.