Canon EIS 60 Mirrorless Camera Rumors

A big rumor hit the blogosphere tonight (via a purported leak from a forum across the Pacific) with details and specifications for a Canon mirrorless camera, dubbed the Canon EIS 60 EIS is apparently an acronym for “Electro Image System” (as opposed to “Electro-Optical System” for Canon’s EOS SLR-format film and digital cameras).

Rumored specifications for the Canon EIS 60 camera include a 22MP backside-illuminated CMOS sensor that measures 18mm x 12mm in size (substantially smaller than the roughly 22mm x 15mm sensors in Canon EOS APS-C format DSLRs).

Video support is rumored to include full 1920 x 1080 at 30p/25p/24p.  The EIS 60 is further rumored to include a sensitivity range of ISO 100-6400 native, with expansion to ISO 12800 and ISO 25600.  Storage support suggests dual SD card slots.

Rumored EIS-format lenses include the following (remember to consider the 2x crop factor):

  • 12-75mm f/2.8-4 IS Macro (kit lens)
  • 75-300mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
  • 5mm f/4 Fisheye
  • 8-25mm f/4
  • 14mm f/2 Pancake
  • 25mm f/1.2 Pancake
  • 45mm f/1.5 Pancake
  • 65mm f/2 Macro

Moreover, Canon is rumored to launch an EF-to-EIS adapter, which will allow EF lenses to be used on EIS cameras with autofocus support.

Stay tuned for the latest when we have it.

[source via 1001noisycameras and eoshd]



  1. says

    What is up with this rumors ? it is flying all over the place!

    What makes this rumor different than other rumors I wonder?

    the specs are a bit hard to believe.

  2. says

    While I think Canon will enter the mirrorless interchageable lens compact market, I cant believe they’d do it with these specs. I certainly hope they don’t force potential buyers into yet another lens mount as well.

    Whether it be Canon or Nikon (possibly Pentax) that can create a camera with the form factor close to that of a Sony NEX camera, GF1 or PEN with an existing EF/EF-s or F mount, coupled with a pancake or two, they would instantly spell trouble for the micro 4/3, Samsung and Sony MILC lines. If users didn’t have to reinvest entirely in new lenses, and could supplement their existing lenses with a nice, low profile pancake prime that they could then also use on an APS-C (or gasp… full frame) camera… That, to me, would make some noise worth listening to. Otherwise, I feel it’s a little to late getting to this dance.

  3. says

    Technology marches on! Canon has already shown it can cast it’s current users to the wind and change lens mounts. (Want to buy a collection of FD lenses?).
    But with a EVIL camera, who would want those big, heavy bulky expensive L lenses anyway? What will be interesting is if the “new” lenses can maintain the optical properties of the current ones we’re familiar with. With improved sensors, image processors, and digital post-processing improvements, it may well be at the lens quality need not be as good. Then the question is whether those sneaky marketeers will hold the price lines or reduce prices on glass that is smaller, easier to construct and probably all plastic to reduce weight.
    Why not an aps-c sensor? Why not native EOS lenses? Why not a “family” of lens adapters to support EOS, FD, LTM, m43, K, Oly, Leica R, Nikon or other
    lenses as well instead of leaving that task to third parties? Why not just sit back and see what happens and make judgments and decisions then?

  4. CanEis says

    2x crop factor would be unbearable if you were to stick those big fat eos lenses on it but if they come with their own system of lenses for the camera then there shouldnt be a problem. I mean, there’s no point in buying a smaller camera only to stick big honking lenses on it.The consumers who would buy into this new system would be users who want iq close to that of dlsr’s without the weight or size burdens. As for adapters..forget about it… if you like doing street photography. By the time you manually focus and then stop down the lens again the subject is long gone.Not to meantion the more one squints into those small optical and evf finders the more one’s eye sight gets worse and worse.Times have changed and i hope Canon has the foresight to create another smaller superb digital system complete with it’s own fantastic small af lenses.The biggest concern is to Olympus, Panasonic and Samsung.I never thought any of those cameras are worth more then 700 us and once Canon and Nikon come on board this new ship,prices will fall as the competition gets more insane than a mental ward.