Pentax K-5 Photo and Rumored Specs

Along with above image that’s rumored to be a leaked shot of the new Pentax K-5 uncovered up by Lens Tip, additional rumors have surfaced about the Pentax K-5’s specifications. A poster over in the Pentax forums provides detailed specifications passed along from a retailer.

Pentax K-5 Rumored Specs

  • 16.2MP CMOS Sensor
  • 18-point AF
  • ISO 50-25600
  • 1920 x 1080 25p, 30p
  • External mic output
  • Magnesium body
  • Weather sealing
  • $1699 retail price

The Pentax K-5 is rumored to be announced on September 22.  Full spec list is below.

Pentax K-5 Full Spec List

$1699 US Body Only
• $1999 AU Body Only

• Magnesium body with plastic and rubber exterior, 80 weather seals.
• Tempered glass top and rear LCD
• 16.2mp Sony EXEMOR Sensor • 23.6 x 15.8 mm CMOS sensor

• Dimensions 131 x 97 x 73mm
• Weight 770g

• Complete new AF system superior algorithms.
• 18-point wide autofocus system (SAFOX IX+)
• 4 Custom AF-C modes, auto, action, portrait, night
• Manual focus

• ISO standard : 200-12800
• Expanded ISO : 50 – 25,600

Movie mode • AVi (Motion JPEG)
• 1920 x 1080 25p, 30p
• 1280×720 25p, 30p
• 640 x 480, 25p, 30p
• Av, Sv, Tv and M modes for video.
• External stereo mic jack.
• Movie processing including Custom Image, Cross Process and selected Digital Filters


• penta-prism

• Hybrid VF utilizing translucent LCD to display focus points and framing grid.

• Angle of view coverage: 28mm wide-angle (35mm equivalent)
• Flash Exposure Compensation: -2 EV – +1EV (1/2EV steps)
• P-TTL (Is same P-ttl as in 645D)
• Hot shoe, sync-speed: 1/180 sec. (will have 1/250 available with new flashes to be released First half 2011)
• Wireless-sync with PENTAX dedicated flash and IrSimple.

Continuous shooting • Hi speed: 8fps

Connectivity • USB/Video
• USB 2.0


• Dual SD or SDHC card

[Pentax Forums & Lens Tip via RiceHigh]



  1. PeterZheng says

    Hoya will be worse to fall down Pentax on the market

    We have already seen that the Nikon d3100 is now 700 USD with 18-55mm NIKKOR VR, but the Pentax Kr is now 845 USD with 18-55.

    And, Pentax Kr is actually like a Kx renamed, not a really new camera, and the HDMI port is still a missing, nor provide the AF micro-adjust. Kr is merely some peripheral got partially changed, and not the core components. In a same grade and pricing, Pentax needs to provide the more content than Nikon or Canon, and not less.

    However, Nikon d3100 is really a new camera — a new sensor and a wholly of a new developed item. Obviously, D3100 is a better player than Kr.

    Purportedly, K5 will be pricing 1700 USD, but the Nikon D7000 (d95) is 1200 USD.
    if K5 1700 USD vs d7000 1200 USD, I think that Pentax’s extant clients would absolutely be the more folks switched to Nikon, Canon, — Pentax’s clients are already too few.

    Especially after 2007, Pentax’s share was degressive on the market,

    In a same grade, Pentax needs a lower pricing to provide the more of helpful content than Nikon or Canon. But is not a turgid pricing, nor the multi-color shell or the Digital Filters. The multi-color shell is merely like a straw floating in the ocean.

    Also, in Nikon side, more of lenses, accessories, would be easier your choice , and in future you can upgrade to professional/semi-pro grade, like a D300s, even is a D400, and D700, D800 etc….
    D7000 and K5 both are not a semi-pro grade. In 135DSLR camera, Pentax is now unable to provide a semi-pro grade in the related equipment. Problems not only in the camera bodies.

    Nowadays, Pentax’s a turgid pricing policy and a worse layout have already been showing out, by Hoya.

    Summarized, it foreshadows that Hoya will be worse to fall down Pentax on the market. Hoya CEO is a worse lord, and lacked the interest in the camera products, he has been trying to resell the Pentax camera section.

    some compared:
    Pentax K7 body
    Retail Price: $1299.95
    Street Price: $1048.64
    Date Available: 2009-07-15

    Pentax K10d body
    Retail Price: $999.95
    Street Price: $788.89
    Date Available: 2006-11-30

    Pentax Kr Body+18-55
    Retail Price: $849.95
    Street Price: unknown
    Date Available: 2010-10-15

    Pentax K5 body
    will be launched on 1700USD.

    Nikon d3100 body+18-55VR
    Retail Price: $699.95
    Street Price: unknown
    Date Available: 2010-09-15

    Nikon d7000 body
    will be launched on 1200USD.

    Nikon d300s body
    Retail Price: $1799.95
    Street Price: $1546.40
    Date Available: 2009-08-31

    Canon Eos7d body
    Retail Price: $1699.00
    Street Price: $1581.28
    Date Available: 2009-09-30

  2. PeterZheng says

    a corrected,

    Pentax Kr is having “AF Fine adjust, ± 10 steps (uniform adjustment)”.

    “uniform adjustment”, — my FA 50/1.4 is the good focused, but FA 35/2 is a 15% of AF-error, and the DA21 is a larger AF-error… Here an uniform-adjustment is lacking an factual worth. Pentax needs to provide a really helpful applied.

    The AF micro-adjust function is just a firmware to write out, did not have any components to be added, that is not uplifted components cost, only a partial of firmware to be developed. And, Pentax is already having the related database.

    We are usually talking about the AF-error, but the various lenses would actually be showing the respective AF-error! It is not a singly AF-error on the camera body. So you will need the AF adjustable storage into the camera body.

    it is needing storage with 20 lenses at least, and not an “uniform adjustment”.

    “uniform adjustment” = no actual worth

  3. Alex says

    According to pentaxforums suggested retail price is USD 1399 for K-5, and USD 1299 for D7000 (Amazon, Adorama and B&H are always less). So very similar specs (K-5 slightly higher) and very similar price (K-5 slightly higher). Very difficult to call a winner, the devil will be in the details.

  4. Frogfish says

    Peter, I’m afraid you are just a Nikon fanboy. Even a photography illiterate could tell you, just by comparing specs, that the new Kr has many new (or improved) functions that are not included in the Kx ….. so it is NOT a renamed Kx but a major upgrade that falls between the Kx and the K7 !!

    Re. K5 – since the price has not been released I’m amazed at how can you go into so much detail re. price ! As far as performance, well the K5, if all the specs given are accurate is also a big improvement on the K7 (which I have). Especially the weakest areas of the K7 (AF speed and low ISO performance) so I will be buying the K5 as soon as it’s available in my area.