Samsung NX100 Leaked, Again

by on September 7, 2010

in Samsung

The Samsung NX100, which should be arriving soon, has surfaced on many a forum and blog post in recent weeks.  This time, some pretty solid product shots and specs have leaked out and leave little to the imagination as to what this camera will look like when it ships.

While the new camera takes on a form-factor akin to the Panasonic GF1, I had few complaints about the shape of the original Samsung NX10.  Spec-wise, the NX100 is rumored to include a 14.6MP sensor, 720p video and AMOLED screen (likely the same as the NX10).

Of particular note, however, is the absence of a built-in pop-up flash.  I think this would be a big mistake for what appears to be a consumer-oriented camera.  So, I’m hoping these rumors and shots aren’t the final word.

[DPR forum via Photo Rumors & PetaPixel]



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