Rumor Alert: Yet Another New DSLR Coming September 8th

Just got a tip about a new DSLR that will be announced on September 8.  The source doesn’t provide a model; however, there is an indication that it will be a prosumer or low-end pro model.

This has been a rather busy season for DSLRs, particularly over the past couple of weeks.  I sure don’t see much room for too many more entry-level DSLRs; however, camera manufacturers have been pretty thin on releasing pro-grade gear so far.  I suppose that the Canon 60D fits into the prosumer category, but that’s about it.

We’re all still waiting and hoping for a number of pro and prosumer models . . . Canon 1Ds Mark IV, Sony A700 replacement, Nikon D90 or D700 replacement and pretty much anything from Pentax.  With this in mind, we could still be rather busy in the lead up to Photokina 2010.

Stay tuned for the latest.  And, if you have any additional info on upcoming gear, feel free to drop me a tip via the contact form.



  1. jkky says

    Looks Pentax-like to me, assuming it is real, for the following reaseons:
    The self-timer light on the grip looks similar to previous bodies (K10/K20/K200)
    The PC-sync port location and cover looks similar to previous bodies (K20/K7)
    You can just make out that the shutter button ring is similar to the Pentax style (power switch around the shutter), although it’s hard to tell if it would be black or silver at this point
    The texture on the side with the PC-sync port looks similar to previous bodies (K10/K20/K7), although this is hard to tell at this point
    The button next to the shutter (green button) is in almost the exact location as previous bodies (K10/K20)
    The mode dial is knurled and similar to previous bodies (K10/K20)
    The mode dial has a selector switch at the bottom similar to previous bodies (K10/K20)
    The prism/flash area is flat and similar to previous bodies (K10/K20/K200) and looks very Pentax-like; I don’t believe other brands have the same style as this
    The shoulder strap attachment location is in the same location as previous bodies (K10/K20/K200)

    However, there are a few differences that you can make out already:
    The green button next to the shutter button is more recessed from previously
    The prism/flash area is higher and less angular than the K7, so it would be more like the K10/K20/K200 lineage
    The mode dial has four “levels” of knurled texture, the K10/K20 had three
    The “shoulder” of the body is a little more squared off than previous bodies (K10/K20)