Canon G12 Leaks Out, Finally Gets HD Video (among other upgrades)

Amidst other Canon camera announcements earlier today, the Canon G12 briefly appeared on Cnet Asia.  It’s gone from the site now, but the key features and specs are out in the open.

Canon PowerShot G12 Key Features

  • 10MP CCD Sensor
  • 5x Optical Zoom (28-140mm equivalent)
  • 2.8″ Tilt/Swivel LCD
  • Manual Exposure Control
  • 720p HD Video Capture
  • Optical Image Stabilization
  • In-camera HDR Mode

In essence, the G12 is to the Canon PowerShot S95 what the G11 is to the S90 – its bigger, stronger cousin.  One of the major criticisms of recent Canon G-Series cameras has been remedied with the introduction of the G12 – the ability to capture HD video.  And, while captured video is only the 720p flavor at best, it should be much better than the VGA-resolution video found in the G11.

My best guess at pricing and availability would be $499 and available in September/October.  Of course, we’ll have the full specs, price and availability dates once that G12 is officially unveiled.

[via Canon Rumors]



  1. says

    ReF: Canon G12, Even though I’m a Canon professional I wouldn’t invest in the G12. The previous G7 model had HD 720 and canon decided to with draw this from the later models. I think the ergononics need to be addressed, looks and feels a bit like a transformer! or a hot-hatch with all the spoliers. What I would what as a back up camera or prosumer cam to my Eos1 kit is a camera which is built for reportage and acts like a film camera with a succinct shutter press. The camera would have to be the size of say the G series to accept any decent sensor size. What Canon needs to develop is an S90 no nonsense rangefinder with a digic 5 Huge CMOS chip, Real ISO 6400. F1.8 lens 24mm to 70mm (thats all) just get closer! no touch screen or gimicks! Perhaps it should be a new Mini Eos 1 series!! I would buy that. Canon get in touch I will help you to develop it!

  2. Karl says

    @Paul Hames

    Some things that you should know:
    – The PowerShot G7 had no HD 720 video capture, it only had SXGA (1024 x 768)

    Real ISO 6400 on a small sensor, f/1.8 lens? Canon would definitely contact you if you have a formula on how you have defied the limits imposed by physics.

    The G-Series is meant to be a companion to a dSLR, it doesn’t need to be almost similar to a dSLR, infact, it’s more of a dSLR-lite than a normal digital camera with manual controls.

    To get close to f/1.8 for a 24-70 lens (I don’t see Canon L lenses with that large aperture on their 24-70L lens?) and almost real ISO 6400 performance in a package almost as small as a G-Series, get something with Micro FourThirds, or stick with your dSLR!

  3. says

    @ Karl. Opps – perhaps I should of said SXGA 1024 x 768.
    Also perhaps I should of said F2.8 instead of F1.8!

    One thing which is missing the mark and that’s M4/3’s. The cams are to big and expensive for what they do and are. I know the G12/series is a marketed – take any where alternative to a dslr & M4/3’s. But, I just don’t get that – I’m gonna take some great shots vibe with them. My whole premise is really a dream compact/range finder (future development) a digital xpan if you like (H blad I know) designed for press/reportage photography or just for the hell of taking great photographs. The tech will come… chips will be made cheaper, smaller and faster. I want an expensive updatable prosumer camera with bells and whistles that I can keep for years and not wait for the new anticipated G17 to come out.

  4. Karl says

    @Paul Hames

    I would love that too, but it seems like only time will tell. We’d probably have to wait a year (or more) for something smaller than the current Micro 4/3’s. Even then, there’s going to be aperture limits and lens limitations.

    I’m hoping that there will be something similar to what you wrote before, in the future, and not just a concept item at a photography trade-show, but something real.

    For now, I think the PowerShot G-Series just sits in between the camera and dSLR world, with Micro 4/3’s in the top of this ‘mid-world’ level. The PowerShot G-Series cameras would still appeal to some (i.e. people with a tight budget and want something small but dSLR-like, or discreet journalists) and of course, there will be those who demand more.

    I currently have a G11 that I bring around everywhere and there are times when I do miss my dSLR, but hey – I’ve brought something small and dSLR-like, and there will have to be sacrifices to fit everything in there.

  5. says

    I agree 100% with Paul Hames comments on the ultimate PS cam. I own a Canon G10 and find it far too unresponsive and noisy to be of use professionally. Canon has the expertise to step up and produce a first class compact w/ SLR or pro rangefinder shooting capability. Instead Canon, and most other major brand names, continue to pander to the “prosumer” market with too many pixels crammed onto small sensors, and gimmicky shooting features. A simple Leica style PS with big sensor and minimal features; that I would buy!

  6. says

    “…to be of use professionally.”

    uh, I have seen many a Canon G used professionally. I have have worked numerous times on them, even in a conflict zone.

    in the end I would love to see a more responsive G but don’t go spreading rumors that just aren’t true.

  7. says

    I have a G10. I like except two MAJOR gripes:

    1. Over short period of time, the auto lens cover scratches the lens. This is a common defect problem that Canon doesn’t acknowlege as a manufacturer’s defect. Google this problem or go here: It wasn’t fixed on the G11, and I am guessing it wasn’t fixed on the G12. Canon simply doesn’t care about quality/craftsmanship. I will never buy another Canon product. I urge other’s to boycott Canon products too.

    2. Any camera over $200-300 that doesn’t have a $20 replaceable UV lens filter is gross-incompetently designed. Why am I the only person in the universe that complains about this?