1. says

    That was a great vid. Well done and a blast to watch. Good choice of music too.

    In post, add an old style 8mm effect to that barbie video and you got a pretty good retro video camera! I’m some-what impressed. :)

    (i kept waiting for one kicker …. the usb plug to be between her legs … and when you started to pull her pants down in the back I went ‘NO WAY!” … LOL )

  2. Mike Leonard says

    This is great – reminds me of an article I once saw where a professional DJ Turntable was compared to a Fisher Price ‘Close & Play’ Phonograph as a way for radio stations to save some money.

    Does anyone know if Barbie Cam video has actually made it on the air at any broadcast network yet? …I bet it will if it hasn’t already.

    Mike in Maine

  3. ben shmit says

    Dude this is hilarious! very witty and the music was a perfect choice. keep up the good work, this thing needs to go viral