Jasmine Star Wedding Photography Workshop on CreativeLIVE

Later this month (Aug. 25-29), Jasmine Star will be hosting a live workshop on CreativeLIVE on wedding photography.  Here’s the kicker though:  The event will culminate in a real, live wedding streamed online while Jasmine is shooting and teaching.

The above video was geared toward finding photographers to join her live on the set (Sorry, that deadline has already passed. I know, I whiffed on getting that news to you).  However, it also gives you an idea of what will be going on during the 5-day workshop.

You can sign up on CreativeLIVE.com or just show up for the live stream at any point during the course (if you sign up, they’ll send you an email reminder so you don’t miss any).  As with all CreativeLIVE’s content, it’s free to watch live and the course can be downloaded for a fee so you can watch it later.

Jasmine held a contest for volunteers willing to be a real bride and groom in the real (and free) wedding. Here’s the video from Laura and Billy, who were chosen to win the free wedding: