Canon 60D Nearing Launch, Confirmed by DxO?


Rumors of a Canon 60D situated in the EOS lineup below the 7D have been stirring in recent months.  However, what appears to be an unintentional leak at DxO adds significantly more weight to those rumors.

While I would expect this page to be updated soon to remove the 60D references, DxO has its “roadmap” for DxO Optics Modules slating the 60D and a number of lenses on schedule for support in November/December 2010.

That would be about right for a camera released in August/September of this year.

Look for lots more on the Canon 60D as we approach Photokina 2010.

[DxO via Canon Rumors]



  1. says

    Will the Canon 60D be an upgrade to the 7D or a model between the 50D and the 7D? What can it have that the 7D doesn’t already have?? thanx, Dabs….

  2. Mike says

    If it was an upgrade to the 7D it would probably be the 7D MKII. It sounds like a 50D upgrade as the 7D is not an xxD body.

  3. forkboy1965 says

    I had kind-of thought the 7D was the replacement to the 50D. I’m interested to see what the 60D offers that cannot be found in the Rebel T2i and is missing when compared to the 7D. It seems the XXD line is getting squeezed by two already very good cameras.

  4. mezeus says

    Will it really take better pictures than it’s predecessor??? If it’s not full frame what can possible be improved. I can take a picture with the same lens and exact conditions using a 20, 30, 40 and 50D and make an 8X10 print and I would defy anyone to tell which is which. (most people don’t examine a photo with a magnifying glass.) I own a 30D and 50D. I absolutely see no difference in the quality of the pictures. Just more ‘bells and whistles’. I have decided that the biggest change in ever new camera is the model number. Another thought: Most pictures are not really made with a camera any more. They, for the most part, are made on a computer.

  5. mezeus says

    There is a problem with today’s youngsters. They seem be be far more interested in learning the physics of photography than
    learning photography. I have been doing photography for over fifty years and I can well remember when cameras had only three settings. (I.S.O, shutter and aperture ) And people took beautiful pictures. Today you can have a many as 125 different settings on a hand held camera. Is that really necessary just to take pictures? I actually believe that at times people get so engrossed in fiddling with the camera that they forget they are suppose to be taking pictures. They had rather impress someone with their knowledge of the camera operations then with their knowledge of photography.

  6. Hambal says

    Hi !. I am rather new in this line BUT has been involved in the same rat race when it concerns computers. There is no end to this nightmare – I mean we consumers. Canon is just trying to sell by producing new products WITH SMALL INSIGNIFICANT CHANGES in the new products. I tend to agree with mezeus – the important thing is the art of photography.

  7. George says

    Some differences between XXD and Rebel line are that the XXD cameras use Compact Flash and have a PC connection for studio flash. The differences between XXD and the 7D are smaller, but the XXD fills a price point between the 7D and the T2i. Also, cameras are manufactured in ‘runs’ and it is logical for a company to intrduce improvements when a new run is made, even if the improvements are only slight.