Ansel Adams Negatives Bought at Garage Sale, Now Worth $200 Million+

Rick Norsigian purchased a box of 65 glass negatives 10 years ago at a yard sale in SoCal for $45 have been estimated to be worth at least $200 million.

These glass plate negatives were thought to have been lost long ago in a darkroom fire in 1937.  Experts speculate that Adams somehow left them behind when teaching a photography glass in Pasadena in the 1940s.

[via CNN]



  1. Don Grooms says

    Note to self, “Always buy glass negatives at garage sales!!, Always buy glass negatives at garage sales!!

  2. Ashley Groome says

    The pier photo looks like St Kilda beach pier in Melbourne Australia circa pre-ww2. I wonder if Adams secretly made a visit down under.

  3. mezeus says

    The man was one of the greatest. I hope this turns out to be true. But anytime your talking the possibility of this amount of money the lawyers are going to get evolved.