Firmware Friday: Canon 7D, Ricoh GXR, Samsung EX1/TL500

Camera  Firmware Update

Below you will find this week’s firmware updates.  Hit the manufacturer website links for more details and download instructions for the firmware.

Canon 7D firmware version 1.2.2 – “Fixes a phenomenon in which the set aperture moves when shooting movies in manual exposure mode using some Canon lenses (such as macro lenses). Fixes the AF point-selection behavior of the C.Fn III-7 (Manual AF pt. selec. pattern) custom function when set to [1]. Fixes the AF point display for the viewfinder electronic level when shooting in the vertical position. Corrects misspellings in the Spanish and Thai menus for applicable products.” [Canon website]

Ricoh GXR (A12/S10/P10) firmware version 1.18 – “In case of attaching the cable switch (CA-1), when half-pressing the shutter release button of the CA-1, it may turn off the camera. Revised the ISO sensitivity range conditions when shooting with the combination below; S mode, Shutter speed Auto Shift On, and ISO Auto/ISO Auto-Hi. [Ricoh website]

Samsung EX1/TL500 firmware version 006291 – “We improved intermittent error when you turn it on by using playback button.” [Samsung website]