Fuji HS10 Recommended External Flashes

One of the frequently recurring questions that I receive is “What flash should I get for the Fuji HS10?”

The Fuji HS10 features a hot shoe for an external flash; however, Fuji does not make a dedicated flash for the camera.  Perhaps Fuji should think hard about making a flash for the next version of this camera.

I have inquired directly with Fuji regarding recommended external flashes, only to receive rather vague responses as to which flash models are appropriate for the HS10.  As a result of testing, obtaining recommendations from manufacturers and corresponding with HS10 users, I’ve compiled a short list of recommended external flashes for the Fuji HS10.

Before I get into the list, you should know that the Fuji HS10 does not provide exposure information to/from the hot shoe (i.e., no TTL flash with the HS10).  As a result, you are either shooting in manual or aperture priority (if the flash model has an auto-aperture setting) modes.

Fuji HS10 Recommended External Flashes

Vivitar 285HV (B&H Photo / Adorama / Amazon)

Metz Mecablitz 20 C-2 (B&H Photo / Adorama / Amazon)

Metz Mecablitz 36 C-2 (B&H Photo / Adorama / Amazon)

Metz Mecablitz 44 MZ-2 Digital (B&H Photo / Adorama / Amazon)

Canon 540EZ (look for it used)

Additionally, many flashes that offer a manual mode will work with the Fuji HS10; however, I haven’t included any models that I do not have confirmation of working with the HS10.

If you have used other flashes or have experienced problems with any of the above flashes in operation with the HS10, please let us know in the comments below.  If we can gain a satisfactory level of confidence with user reports of additional flash models, I will add them to this “recommended” list.

You can read more about the HS10 in Photography Bay’s Fuji HS10 Review.



  1. Steven Thomas says

    I, too inquired about flashes, since their literature barely mentions that the camera even has a hotshoe. Personally, I think it’s one of its distinguishing features. Anyway, the person who e-mailed me back listed, Metz, Vivitar, and Nikon. I immediately began contemplating where I could score a good used Nikon.

  2. says

    I tried using the YongNuo Speed Lite YN-460 on my Fujifilm HS10. This full manual flash is very cheap but no longer available now and instead, you should go for the latest model YongNuo YN-460 II (mark II)

    The flash work very well, the trigger voltage is only about 3.3V so it’s save for the Fujifilm HS10 (maximum for HS10 is 50V)

    You can check out my amateur review in here =