Nikon Mirrorless Camera Coming Soon

Bloomberg is reporting that Nikon President, Makoto Kimura, has confirmed that Nikon will introduce a new interchangeable lens camera (ILC) soon, which could come prior to the end of Nikon’s current fiscal year (i.e., before April 2011).  Kimura also revealed that the new Nikon ILC “will probably have an enhanced function for video recording.”

While this news isn’t quite earth shattering (I previously suggested that Nikon, Canon, or both could announce a new ILC model in time for Photokina 2010), it gives us confirmation that Nikon is on the ball with a real product in the works.

I suppose the more interesting sub-plot here is that Nikon actually let the cat slip out of the bag early.  In recent history, Nikon has been quite hush-hush when it comes to products in development. Of course, rumors and leaks have surfaced with regard to upcoming products, but official channels have been very quiet, and required non-disclosure agreements for any unannounced product discussions.

The growth of the ILC is inevitable.  Of course, what we’re all dying to know is whether the new Nikon ILC will be based on the F-mount, or a new mount like Olympus and Sony have adapted, which requires a converter for legacy lenses to fit.

Any way you slice it, expect Ashton Kutcher to have a new camera soon.



  1. mojohand43 says

    So NIKON’s been buying a bunch of Panasonic GH1’s? Let the good times roll!

  2. rommel says

    just a point of clarification: a dSLR and an SLR are interchangeable lens cameras. so are the old Nikon rangefinder cameras. these are all interchangeable lens cameras. any camera that allows the photographer to change lenses on his own is an ILC, or interchangeable lens camera.

    if you are referring to mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, then, i think that you should be using another term, not ILC. perhaps, EVIL (electronic viewfinder, interchangeable lens) or MILC (mirrorless interchangeable lens camera).

    by the way, the picture you attached to your post shows Asthon Kutcher holding a dSLR, which also happens to be an interchangeable lens camera, by virtue of it having interchangeable lenses.

  3. says

    Question is, will mirrorless ILC’s replace DSLR’s? Is the quality as good or better for anyone – amateur to pro? Certaintly, lighter, many can take or use any lense, and take great video. I am in the market for a new camera, and wanted a full frame DSLR, but this news tells me why most cameras have not been updated, or new DSLRs introduced in two years. A bit frustrating, but maybe it’s worth waiting??

  4. Ashley Groome says

    Whether it has a mirror or not – I personally don’t mind. I’m waiting and waiting and waiting to hear something about (what I Imagine will be) the D400.

    Any news?

  5. says

    D400? Wasn’t that, and a possible D4 supposed to be released in 2009? Anyway, it seems to me those maybe dead in lieu of the mirrorless technology. That is what I am trying to figure out?

  6. Ricardo says

    What Nikon shall do?

    Introduce a full frame electronic viewfinder camera with the F mount, in combination with the superlenses already introduced 24/1.4 35/1.4 50/1.4 and 85/1.4 and coming soon the 105/1.4 it will kill the Leica M9.

    Nikon give us a full frame ILC / EVIL body !!! with a price around $ 3000 – 4000

  7. SMC says

    With EV the Frame refresh rate is too slow for action. timing the ball at the bat in baseball, or the diver in the water, or the exact moment of a tackle. your eye can see it faster and anticipate better through a Prizm viewfinder, but for Landscapes maby it is a game changer in the zoom/focus department, and the display of all settings. itherwise DSLR’s at the high sports end will still have a prizm viewfinder untill the frame rate can be increased to real time.

  8. Greg Nuspel says

    I hope they come out with one soon I think it’s the best design for time-lapse photography. No mirror flopping about during the thousands of images captured. Also it should be lighter weight for use on motion control equipment I use during time-lapse.

  9. Ashley Groome says

    Just give me a basic DSLR with a great (and I mean a really great) sensor, with plenty of pixels – keep it lightweight, dust and waterproof, quiet and under three grand for the body and I’ll be as happy as a clam.