Panasonic LX5 Coming Soon?

The Panasonic LX3 has been one of the most popular point and shoot cameras since it was introduced in 2008.  Two years is an eternity in point & shoot camera world, but the Panasonic LX3 has remained one of the best-performing cameras around.

So, it certainly makes sense to hear about rumors of a replacement for the LX3.  And signs point to a successor named the Panasonic LX5.

In the below camera registration screenshot uncovered by 4/3 Rumors, the LX5 model name is part of a list of selectable products available to choose for registration on the Panasonic UK website.

Additionally, Photo Rumors is reporting that Panasonic’s announcement of the LX5 is expected during July.

[4/3 Rumors via Photo Rumors]