Canon Rebel T2i In Stock Alert

Canon Rebel T2i

Amazon is currently listing the Rebel T2i “In Stock.”  But there are only 4 left (at the time of this post) according to the product page, and it’s just the (body only) that’s in stock.  Here’s the link:

Also, Adorama currently has a number of Rebel T2i kits in stock as well.  Here are those links:

It doesn’t look like B&H has any Rebel T2i kits in stock at the time of this post.  Of course, that could change soon, so here’s the link to B&H’s various Rebel T2i kits that you can keep checking back on:

This camera has been tough to find since day one, so I wouldn’t wait around too long if it’s on your list – or you’ll be waiting a while longer.