Wildlife Photography: On Safari with your DSLR: Equipment, Techniques, Workflow – New Book

Interested in learning more about wildlife photography?  That’s just the title of a new book from photographer Uwe Skrczypcza. Among other topics, the book addresses technical issues associated with wildlife photography workflow, and focuses on Skrzypczak’s photography in the Serengeti National Park in East Africa.  Wildlife Photography retails for $39.95, but is available from Amazon.com for $26.37 at the time of this post.

More details in Rocky Nook’s press release below.

Wildlife Photography Press Release

Santa Barbara, CA—Photographer and environmentalist Uwe Skrzypczak wrote Wildlife Photography (Rocky Nook, $39.95 USD) with several goals in mind—to teach the technical aspects and the workflow of digital wildlife photography; to show the beauty of East Africa and his beloved Serengeti National Park, and to educate about its habitat; and to provide a guide for the photographer who is planning to go on an African photo safari and wants to be prepared to capture the finest possible images.

Beginning with digital photography techniques and workflow, Skrczypczak draws upon his own vast experience in wildlife photography to teach about the equipment, the pros and cons of camera types and lenses, and the specific requirements for this demanding task. Also covered are appropriate techniques for exposure and autofocus—the latter being one of the major challenges in wildlife photography. He discusses an “on the road” workflow, the logistics of transporting your gear, and image editing.

The book goes on to cover the practical aspects of wildlife photography, from shooting animal portraits to panning the camera in order to capture that speeding leopard. Example images are accompanied by a small set of pictograms showing which techniques are ideal for capturing the specific situation.

Loaded with hundreds of breathtaking images, this comprehensive book is perfect for the beginning wildlife photographer as well as the seasoned pro. Whether your subject is African wildlife or bird photography in the Arctic Circle, Uwe Skrczypczak’s Wildlife Photography will teach you the fundamental concepts and techniques that can be applied to all forms of wildlife photography.

Topics include:

  • Equipment and accessories
  • Planning your trip
  • Conditions on the road
  • The right place at the right time
  • Image composition
  • Where to stay and daily routine
  • The light in East Africa
  • Migrations and mating seasons
  • Habitats and animal behavior
  • River crossings
  • The big cats, rhinos, giraffes, etc.

Uwe Skrzypczak (pronounced Scripcheck) is known as both a photographer and author in Europe, and has won some prestigeous wildlife photo awards.

Uwe got involved in photography way back in the darkroom days and made the transition to digital when the first Nikon DSLRs were available. Since then, his interests and passion have moved from architectural to wildlife photography, with an emphasis on East African wildlife habitats and a growing interest in the animal migration patterns within the Serengeti ecosysystem.

Uwe Skrzypczak regularly teaches workshops on wildlife photography in East Africa.