Pentax Optio W90 Now Available In Orange, Earth Remains on Axis

In perhaps some of the most exciting news of the week, the Pentax Optio W90 is now available in orange (in addition to green and black).  While Pentax’s press statement failed to reveal the reasons for the delay of an orange camera, rumors continue to circulate that the long wait for an orange W90 was due to an actual shortage of the color orange, which was in turn caused by a less than stellar year on the color wheel, along with the fact that it is no longer receiving compliments from blue.

Additional sources cited fears that UT Vol fans would lose such a camera in or around the checkerboard end zone at Neyland Stadium.  Local Best Buy stores in Knoxville, Tennessee report that consumers are already forming lines outside for the anticipated July release of the orange W90 at $329.95. You can also check availability on

In other news, your refrigerator is running.



  1. Ruby says

    Not really sure why this merits a sarcastic approach? I can see that if I were doing serious hiking, an easy-to-spot camera would be an advantage. Likewise, if I dropped it into a stream while canoeing or something. I can’t recall reading any other PB updates that were so derisive toward the product in question.

  2. ted says

    ktm had a stranglehold on orange until orange annoyed the hell out of it and they do what ktm motorcycles do