Lightroom for iPad? Adobe says: It’s Hard to Make It Work

Over on his blog today, John Nack, Principal Product Manager, Adobe Photoshop,  briefly spoke about the huge demand for a Lightroom App for the Apple iPad and how hard that it is to make it work right.  Adobe’s Terry White had previously given us a wink and a nod that we might see Lightroom soon on the iPad, and Nack’s brief commentary suggests Adobe is hard at work to make it happen. However, citing Camera Bits’ troubles, it looks Abode is running into similar road blocks that other app developers have faced when it comes to making a truly worthwhile app for photographers.

Head on over to John Nack’s blog to see his thoughts, and speculate as you see fit.



  1. says

    BUT, if Adobe can pull this off, Photographers will consider the iPad a must have.

    So I think it should be done, and i also doubt that tiny 1GHz A4 processor can handle a software as heavy as light room or Photoshop

  2. johnnyhonk says

    As much as I’d like to see it…I think Adobe should just stop all support and development for anything Apple.

    Then see what else those fanboys have…what? Apeture? lol. Heck Apple can’t even program the iPad so you can sort your photos properly…good luck getting anything else out of them. I hear the new iPhone has support for Folders? You kidding me? Yet people call that news…thats like 5 years ago most phones had that.

    My new Android arrived today…I’m just waiting for someone to make an iPad replacement and I’ll be Apple free!

  3. Redactor says


    your anger towards apple is not without merit but it would not make any sence for adobe to stop apple devopment. most creatives are on apple because of this deeply rooted myth that apple is better graphics. IT IS NOT!!! quad core xenon processors may have something to do with the myth. stoping dev for apple would mean huge income loose for apple. I HATE APPLE its a company full of hipocrates. Example, do you remember the 1984 commercial of apple computers way back when… well what happened?! apple became what it was trying to come away from. it is very restrictive yet we still buy their products… why you ask… well what can i say… did you look at jobs lately… he looks pitiful… its like giving money to a homeless guy on the street. get it!

  4. leo77 says

    I dont understand where the windows fanboyism comes from
    i do understand that apple is sometimes restrictive
    however i used pc for a very long time, every windows computer i have had has at some point suffered a mysterious illness and completely inexplicably died….. ventilation failure from driver updates gone wrong, a gajillion viruses, lightly breathing near the computer, moving the mouse cursor when it doesn’t expect it, turnin g it off,turning it on, who knows? well my tech dude doesn’t…… and he’s an MIT grad
    apple on the other hand has so far provided me with two computers who’s problems i can easily explain and fix…. my friend dropped a beer on one and the other so far has had no issues for about a year which is 10 months longer then all of my windows computer lasted before i needed to call my tech
    i’m a photographer i like all the products i use from adobe on my mac i have tried them on windows and still like em better on my mac its not necessarily about hardware its about comfort and stability (kind of like the difference between a pro camera and a consumer camera it doesn’t matter how many pixels it has if the controls aren’t where i can reach them in the split second i need to react to take my shot(which is why nikon rules and cannon can bite me) which windows does NOT supply so please adobe keep the nice with apple
    also hipocrates as an ancient greek physician who lived in the age of pericles considered the father of western medicine and had the hippocratic oath named after him so i assume you meant hypocrites and not ancient greek medical geniuses
    well adobe tend to sell their wonderful products at eight times the price a normal human being can afford and aim their photography products at one of the worst paid professions in the universe despite this they create life changing products i think the same can be said for apple and as it is mainly business yes it does aspire to receive monetary renumeration for its creation
    and why is steve jobs appearance so important to you? it changes nothing in regards to the quality of the equipment and software
    also learn to spell…. grammar would be good too…..
    oh and as for android well google is about the biggest bunch of hypocrites out there considering they sell advertising space and do priority search advertising and make billions yet pretend to be open source fanboys they are the worst of the lot
    so take android phones and Microsoft and shove it

  5. Max says

    Having spent 38 years in photography, 30 years in darkrooms printing for pro photographers, I was glad that Photoshop and Apple were the people that got me out of the dark and into the light. Many thanks to both.

    Now Photoshop works perfectly well on a PC but I started with Apple and that’s what I know. I like the way it works I don’t have to get to geeky about my system. I really hate PC navigation, it just bugs me. But, guess what? That’s me. My opinion and I’m entitled.

    Now Apple is the company and their share rate is the business and share rate that other companies wish they were and the share rate they wish they had.

    Apple is first of all a business and their aim is to make a profit. With 3 million and counting sales of iPads ( a device which nobody knew they wanted till they got one) I’d say they are pretty a damned successful business. Steve Jobs is paid $1 a year from Apple. Yes I know about the Lear jet. And I suspect he can be quite unpleasant to work for sometimes. He can do what he damn well likes really. Which is more than all the Apple haters have ever done.

    I don’t know why people bash Apple. Maybe because their mothers won’t buy them one.

    Me I like Apple, I like Fender guitars too, and Marshall amplifiers and Nikon cameras.

    Now as a published Photoshop writer I see Lightroom as the must have product these days. I do most of my basic legwork in Lightroom and flip in and out of Photoshop as deeper editing is required.

    I’ve had my iPad for 3 days and I think it’s a really useful tool. I think it has the potential to become the location device for working and serious amateur photographers.

    If Adobe and Apple could get off their collective high horses, work out their differences and develop a Lightroom App for iPads they would sell more copies of that than any other piece of software they market.

    What the iPod was to Apple in terms of market share Lightroom for iPad would be for Adobe.

    I’d have it in a heartbeat.

    To quote Jean Luc “Make it so”