Deal Alert: Kingston SD Card Sale at

Every few weeks, offers some pretty good deals on Kingston SD cards.  Several SD cards just went on sale there today.

The most notable deal is for the Kingston 32GB Class 10 card for $139.95, which is about $40 to $50 less than other places selling the same card.  While you can find cheaper 32GB cards, this price for a card with Class 10 speed is a pretty good deal.

The other Kingston SD cards are just a buck or two cheaper than other retailers, but if you’re stocking up, then maybe that’s a good idea.

Here are the product links for the cards on sale at

Kingston 32GB Class 10 card for $139.95 (The same deal is also on, but still from if you prefer to order through Amazon’s system.)

Kingston 8GB Class 4 card for $14.95

Kingston 4GB Class 4 card for $7.95