Adobe Lightroom 3 Now Available

The final version of Adobe Lightroom 3 is now available for download. The full version runs $299, while you can upgrade for $99.

New features include:

  • Much-improved noise reduction
  • Lens correction
  • Support of DSLR video files
  • Flickr integration built-in
  • Easy logo embedding
  • Tethered shooting
  • Perspective correction
  • Film grain simulation
  • And more

You can get it direct from Adobe here.

UPDATE:  If you’re the type that likes a physical disc to hang onto, B&H and Amazon have LR3 available for pre-order now.

Full version: B&H Photo / Amazon

Upgrade: B&H Photo / Amazon



  1. Shai says

    Couldn’t wait to try out the new lightroom on my macbook pro, but it just wouldn’t work.
    I was hit with the error:

    ‘An error occurred when attempting to change modules.’

    After scouring the internet (including adobe’s forums), there doesn’t seem to be an easy fix for it.
    Plus, it seems that adobe won’t help unless you purchase the product first.

    Now, that is a bit much. Why would I purchase something that won’t work in the trial?

    Looks like I am going to stick with Aperture.