Digital Cameras Are in 3% of Households in India, Canon’s Trying to Change That

DNA India has published an interesting article on Canon’s attempt to break into and, in many ways, create a digital camera market in India.  In order to get Canon cameras into the hands of Indian consumers, Canon is taking a grass roots approach by going on a 38 city tour with all sorts of Canon cameras, lenses and accessories and simply letting people try them out.

While other parts of the world have cameras in 7 of every 10 homes, only 3 out of 100 homes in India has a digital camera.  Canon is trying a number of ways to expose people to photography by partnering with a variety of vendors, including a recent partnership with McDonalds.  Now, when McDonalds customers in India buy a Happy Meal, Canon takes their photo and prints it for free.

While Photography Bay has readers from all over the world, the overwhelming majority of readers are from the US.   Think about what your life would be like without any camera at all, and if only 3% of homes in America had a camera. While I’m sure there’s a whole lot of marketing drive behind Canon’s India push, it’s also sad to think about how many memories people fail to capture because they don’t have a camera.

[via DNA India]