Sigma SD15 Delayed . . . Again

Sigma SD15

The SD15 was announced two years ago and has still yet to see a store shelf.  It looks like it’s going to have to wait a bit longer too.  Amateur Photographer recently learned that the SD15 has been pushed back until “the end of June.”

Perhaps Sigma should just go ahead and skip to the SD16?

While Sigma had a partially functional prototype available to handle at PMA 2010 when it was “reintroduced”, it was far from prime time.  This is rather hard to believe since it uses the same 14MP Foveon X3 sensor used in the current SD14.

While Amazon will let you make an SD15 pre-order, I wouldn’t hold my breath that it’ll be in your hands by the Fourth of July.



  1. says

    They did it again. So how could they attract the fans to like Sigma bodies? Because all about start of announce is just failure. Not enough attempts!