Nikon D90 Goes 3D


That’s 2 Nikon D90s rigged to be about the same distance apart as the human eyes.

The Stereo Portrait Project was put together by Alex Fry and Jamie Nimmo.  These guys assembled the custom rig shown above to capture Anaglyphic 3D images.  They’ve even put together a book featuring their 3D images.

Head over to Nikon Rumors for a full rundown of the setup and art behind the Stereo Portrait Project.



  1. Alan says

    How exactly it can work? Please elaborate more and
    show the examples of the photos taken.


  2. fuji3dcam says

    This method is older than any of us… it can be done by synching both cameras to shoot at the same time. This part is essential, so that there is no ‘time difference’ between left/right images, specially with moving objects like cars, people, clouds, etc.

    And yes, there are methods to view 3D without glasses:
    1.- Anaglyph (which I in particular hate with a passion due to false colors)
    2.- Cross view, or parallel viewing (requires some practice, although some people just can’t achieve it)
    3.- The Fujifilm V-1 photoframe, which I own one, and is kind of expensive. However, due to the lack of other alternatives, I think it is still worth every penny. Fujifilm also introduced last year the first 3D digital camera, model W-1, that I personally love, and that matches perfectly well with the Fujifilm V-1 I mentioned above.

    Just my two cents.