Ricoh GR Digital III Firmware Version 2.10 Update

Ricoh has released a new firmware update for its GR Digital III camera.  The new firmware provides the following enhanced functions:

  • Noise reduction performance enhancement
    The MAX setting has been added to the noise reduction settings. When MAX is specified, the image data’s noise distribution is analyzed and the optimum processing is done for each region of the image, thereby increasing image quality in low-light scenes.
  • Auto bracketing setting change
    When shooting with auto bracketing it is possible to specify exposure variations of up to 2.0 EV. In addition, the change sequence can be specified for each shot.
  • Image trimming
    An image displayed in playback can be trimmed and saved as a separate file. It is also possible to trim an image’s proportions to aspect ratio 1:1 (square).
  • Two “incandescent lamp” settings for white balance
    There used to be just the “incandescent lamp” setting for white balance, but now there are two settings: “incandescent lamp 1″ and “incandescent lamp 2.” Compared to “incandescent lamp 1,” “incandescent lamp 2″ gives the image a slightly more reddish cast so it is the equivalent of the old “incandescent lamp” setting.
  • Auto shutter speed shift function
    In cases where the image will be overexposed or underexposed when in shutter speed priority mode, if this setting is on, the camera automatically adjusts the shutter speed to give a suitable exposure.

Additional information, download and installation instructions are available on Ricoh’s GR Digital III firmware website.