1. Michael McGrath says

    They are Awesome cameras as they are , the Sony Alpha 230 is in fact the best as it has a better viewfinder than it’s live view sisters , the 330 and 380 . It vies with the Nikon D5000 and Pentax K-x as the best entry levls , that can even be used professionally , especially as Digital DSLRs are much of a muchness because basically digital is all the same, unlike film that I use for more serious photographs, especially medium format, I scan on a Canoscan 8800F so I get the best of all worlds . I love digital but I detest seeing Idiots who have never used professional film cameras put down film simply because they do not know anything about it , whereas I embrace everything . I already have a Minolta lens which becomes antishake the second I slap it on my Sony Alphas 230 , and though I usually use a workhorse of a tank of a camera such as my Bronica SQA loaded with Fuji Reala, the 230 is so small and light that now it goes on the job with me too . I recommend the Sony Alpha 230 as a Pro tool for outdoor portraiture , without hesitation .
    Michael McGrath
    Professional Photographer
    The Studio
    Dominic Street
    Kilkenny City
    Ireland .

  2. John Rich says

    Mr. McGrath,

    I can’t believe you are being serious, as OK as the Sony A230 is as an introduction to digital photography it is not of the quality needed for professional work, perhaps for a scouting mission, but then a high level compact would be more suitable. However your own web site still sites the Fuji S2 Pro as the digital camera of choice for professional photographers, particularly for weddings, hmmmmm….