Apple Aperture 3.0.3 Update

Apple has updated Aperture 3 to version 3.0.3, which is intended to improve stability and fix a number of issues, including the following areas:

  • Applying adjustments such as Retouch or Chromatic Aberration
  • Creating and using¬†Raw Fine Tuning presets
  • Viewing, adding and removing detected faces
  • Switching target printers and paper sizes when printing
  • Duplicating Smart Albums
  • Repairing and rebuilding Aperture libraries
  • Reconnecting referenced files
  • Working with GPS track files in Places
  • Searching for keywords in the Query HUD or Keyword Controls

Complete release notes on the fixes are available on Apple’s website here.¬† Aperture 3.0.3 is available for download from Apple’s website here, or via OS X Software Upate.