BMW Commercial Shot with DSLR Cameras

Bandito Brothers, known for its groundbreaking work with DSLR video cameras, shot the above BMW commercial spot using the likes of the Canon 5D Mark II and Nikon D3sYou can get a peek into the behind the scenes action that went into making the commercial spot (which includes a BMW with no doors and gaggle of DSLRs mounted all over the inside at out) at BMW Blog.

Bandito Brothers is familiar with the BMW and DSLR combos though.  The following video was also shot last year with the 5D Mark II.

You can find a full description of what went into the second film over at Planet 5D.



  1. says

    That second film is superior to the first. Made me want to rush out and buy that car so I can look cool and get hot chicks like that! And they pay too! :) The first vid (newer one) does a lot less to impress me with the cinematography and ‘lust’ factor.

    Very cool!