Redrockmicro DSLR Micro Remote with iPhone App Focus Control

Redrockmicro, maker of all sorts of great DSLR video products, is working on a DSLR remote for its follow focus system that can be controlled wirelessly by an iPod Touch or iPhone.  The follow focus remote is pretty cool on its own, but add in the ability to control and program focus from an iPhone and it looks absolutely magical.

The iPhone functionality of the remote truly comes to life when used in conjunction with Redrockmicro’s microTape, a sonar-based rangefinder (shown above), which measures distance to subject.  You can even turn over control to the sonar rangefinder and allow it to automatically drive the follow focus based on the distance to subject data – effectively allowing you to turn on autofocus for DSLR video capture.

The iPhone app will also allow you to record focus and replay the focus operation directly to the follow focus motor.  Additionally, the app includes a lens calibration database.

The basic, wired option of the Micro Remote will include the base station and motor for around $1000, while the full blown system is expected to run around $3000 to $4000 with a Summer 2010 availability.

You can check for product updates on the Micro Remote on Redrock Micro’s website or email to be placed on a reservation list.  Also, check out Dan Chung’s video from NAB 2010 where the Redrockmicro crew breaks down the features of the whole system.