Happy 10th Birthday to iStockphoto


iStockphoto has been kicking around for 10 years now.  The site has had over 100 million downloads of various types of media files.

Many photographers have become full-time, specialist microstock photographers thanks to the likes of iStock.  Over the years, other photographers have grown to loath iStock, and its contributing photographers, claiming that they are killing the photography industry.

Regardless of where your stance is on microstock photography, there’s no doubt that it has changed the industry forever.

Read more about iStock’s 10th anniversary, along with a contest that it’s kicked off in conjunction with this celebration, in the press release below.

iStockphoto Press Release

CALGARY, Alberta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–iStockphoto, the micropayment pioneer in stock imagery, which first made great royalty-free images affordable and accessible to everyone, today kicks off a celebration of its first decade in business with cash and more than $20,000 USD in prizes at http://www.iStock10.com. iStock is globally known as one of the first social networks in the world and remains one of the few community-oriented sites to sell user-generated content, allowing its member artists to share in the profits. iStock currently pays $1.7 million weekly in artist royalties.

A decade and 100 million downloaded files later, it is nearly impossible to walk down a city street anywhere in the world, or watch TV without seeing an iStock photo, illustration or video. In fact, since the company began counting, six million registered members worldwide, on average, download a file every second. A timeline of key events, product launches, feature successes and failures of iStock’s first decade can be found here: http://www.iStock10.com.

So, what does the future hold for iStock and its six million-strong community? More growth, according to COO Kelly Thompson, plus streamlined user experiences and a natural alignment with emerging business models such as digital magazines for the iPad.

“The stock multimedia business model has transformed in the last decade, and although the model has changed, make no mistake, the demand for artistic stock is strong,” said Thompson. “With the decline of print, publishers who embrace new technology and understand its potential will not only survive, but flourish. As the leading e-commerce platform for affordable royalty-free stock imagery, video and sound, iStock is uniquely positioned to help these pioneers change the way people consume media.”

The Celebration…iStock10.com: Faces of iStock, History, Twitter prizes and $10,000 grand prize

iStockphoto kicks off the celebrations with a 10th anniversary microsite, including detailed timelines and iStock history, and asked site members to upload self-portraits for the “Faces of iStock.” More than 3200 people have participated from 89 countries. Today, there will be a grand prize $10,000 winner at www.iStock10.com; see the site for details.

Thanking its community for 10 great years, iStock will be giving away something every hour on Twitter, including cash and iPads, for 24 straight hours starting today. That’s 24 chances to win 24 killer prizes. Follow iStock on Twitter at twitter.com/istock and check out www.istock10.com/twitter for more information on how to participate.

About iStockphoto

iStockphoto offers easy, affordable inspiration with millions of vetted, royalty-free photos, illustrations, video, audio and Flash® files. Using the most advanced search in the business, customers download a file every second from a collection of more than six million files for business, marketing and personal projects. iStockphoto started in 2000, pioneering the micropayment photography business model, and has become one of the most successful and profitable user-generated content sites in the world. iStockphoto pays out more than $1.7 million weekly in artist royalties. iStockphoto is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Getty Images.