Fast Track Photographer – Book Review

Fast Track Photographer

I read Dane Sanders’ book, Fast Track Photographer, several months ago.  Reading it changed the way I perceived the wedding and portrait photography industry, and really the way I look at photography services in general.

I recently learned that a new, “revised and expanded” edition of the book is due out in May, which is available for pre-order.

There are a handful of books that have made a real impact in my life.  Most are faith-oriented books.  None were photography books.  That is, until I read Fast Track Photographer.

Calling it a photography book isn’t quite fair either, because it’s more a photographer book.  It’s about you and discovering what kind of photographer and business owner that you are. Yeah, business owner.  If you get paid for your photography (or want to get paid someday), then that’s being a business owner.

A lot of photographers know who they are as a photographer and business owner, who they want to be and where they want to go.  There are so many, however, who feel lost with what they want to do with their photography.

Those who are toying with the idea of starting a photography business definitely need to give this book a read.  Those who are burnt out, need to read it as well.  And, even if you’ve got it all figured out, I think Dane can still give you something worthwhile to take to your business and life as a photographer.

What the book is not:

  • You won’t learn photography techniques from this book.
  • No flash settings.  (There’s Strobist for that.)
  • No wedding pose check list.
  • And there’s no list of gear you should use to be a pro.

It’s not even very helpful for “how to start your business.”  It’s got some big picture stuff in there, but that’s not what the book is about.

This book is about you.

What you will take away from it is a little perspective on the photography industry and how you fit into it.  The pDNA self-assessment test that’s included with the book will give you an idea of where you stand from a personal point of risk/reward and what “type” of photographer you are. Now that’s not to say it’s going to lock you into some category that you can’t escape from.  Rather, it’s a useful self-reflective exercise aimed at helping you discover how to be a better you.

If you are thinking about “going pro” (especially in the wedding industry), this book is a must read.  If you’ve gone pro or semi-pro, but feel a little lost about your fit in the industry, this book is a must read.  If you’re a photographer of any sort, Fast Track Photographer is worth picking up.  Check it out on