Jill-e Clutch

Jill-e Clutch

Alright ladies, here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming Jill-e ‘Clutch’ for toting your compact camera with a little more style.  I don’t pretend to understand the female fashion world, but I’m told that this camera clutch is to die for.

It’s got room for a small camera, and the side cushions are secured with velcro, which means you can pull them out to make room for a tube of lipstick or whatever else you girls carry around.  The final version of the Clutch will feature credit card slots on the inside of the top cover to make it easier to just carry the Clutch when you go out.

The Clutch will be available this Summer direct from Jill-e for $24.99.  Amazon also tends to carry several Jill-e bags, so keep your eyes peeled for it there as well.