Cloak Bag Lets You Shoot with Your Camera in the Bag

Cloak Bag

The Cloak Bag is a shoot-through camera bag that is intended to give you quick access to your camera, while hiding the fact that you’re carrying an expensive piece of gear on your shoulder.

Cloak Bag

The bag attaches to your camera by replacing the shoulder strap, and your camera is secured in the bag using the tripod mount.  The bottom of the bag is left open for shooting and can be rolled up for different length lenses.  There is a side slit for your right hand to access the shutter button, and the top flap folds out for putting your eye to the viewfinder.

The Cloak Bag is available directly from the manufacturer for $49.  See or the press release below for more.

Cloak Bag Press Release

GAINESVILLE, FL (Feb. 23, 2010) – Today, Florida design group Naranja Studio released the Cloak™ Bag, the world’s first shoot-through camera bag that allows a user with an SLR camera to take photos without removing the camera from the bag. This ability allows on-the-go photographers to take photos at a moment’s notice and avoid drawing the attention of tourist-targeting thieves. The release of the bag coincided with the launch of its accompanying website,

“We invented the Cloak™ Bag largely to provide a solution to photographers who are fearful of traveling with their cameras in plain sight,” says Robert Merrill, coinventor of the Cloak™ Bag. “Until now, their only option was to carry the camera in a ‘discreet’ bag such as a backpack, but this only makes them less likely to use it because of the inconvenience of retrieving it. The Cloak™ Bag allows photographers to carry their cameras discreetly at their sides, ready within seconds for any photographic opportunity that presents itself.”

The Cloak™ Bag is composed of lightweight nylon, offering high durability, low moisture absorption and resistance to mold and mildew. The camera is secured to the bag through two mechanisms: first by a slotted screw that fits the camera’s tripod mount, and second by the replacement camera strap provided, which attaches to the bag though hook-and-loop fasteners. The Cloak™ Bag’s bottom zippers open to reveal the camera’s lens, creating the opening through which photos can be taken. The top flips open to provide quick access to the viewfinder and camera controls. Side slits permit the user to grip the camera and use the shutter button without obstruction. Measuring 23.5cm x 15cm x 12cm, the Cloak™ Bag’s length is adjustable and can accommodate SLRs up to 23.5cm long (from viewfinder to lens cap). The Cloak™ Bag is available in two attractive colors: a lush brown called ‘coffee tree’ and a cool grey called ‘fog & turquoise.’

Pricing & Availability

Perfect for photo hobbyists or travelers with SLR cameras, the Cloak™ Bag is available for purchase through for $49.

Naranja Studio is a creative media and design company based out of Gainesville, Florida.