Animoto Quickstart Plays Nice With Other Sites and Services

Animoto, the unique, automatic video creation service, has announced a new service at WPPI today, called “Quickstart,” which will allow other photo and video sites or services to integrate seamlessly with Animoto.  White House Custom Colour, ProSelect and SmugMug are some of the key partners to sign on to use the new Quickstart service, and allow their users to initiate Animoto projects from their existing photo and video assets on those sites.

More details in the press release below.

Animoto Quickstart Press Release

Las Vegas, NV – WPPI Conference (March 8, 2010) – Animoto® (, the video creation Web site that lets photographers quickly and easily create professional-quality videos from their photos and video clips, today launched Quickstart, a new tool for companies serving professional photographers. With Quickstart, companies can seamlessly send photo and video assets directly to Animoto, allowing their clients to initiate Animoto projects directly from their Web sites.

Quickstart gives companies that service professional photographers a new way to generate revenue and expand the creative possibilities for their clients, by allowing them to begin Animoto projects from the places where they already house photo and video assets. This makes it quick and easy for photographers to create Animoto videos that they can resell, and streamlines the workflow for photographers already using Animoto.

“We’re inspired by the amazing success stories we’ve been hearing from photographers who use Animoto and with the launch of Quickstart, we’re extending Animoto to where photos are stored in order to make it even easier to create Animoto videos,” said Brad Jefferson, CEO & Co-founder of Animoto. “Quickstart gives photographers a quick start in creating their Animoto videos from partner sites. We’re very encouraged by the strong positive response that Quickstart has received from market leaders like White House Custom Colour, ProSelect, SmugMug, and a growing list of future integration partners. Our goal is to make Animoto one-click away from all the places that photographers store their photos.”

Quickstart enhances the benefits for participating partners by paying them for every new subscriber they send Animoto. Additionally, Quickstart is easy and fast to setup, taking partner sites hours, not days, to implement.

“White House Custom Colour prides itself in helping our clients compete and succeed,” said Mike Hanline, co-owner of White House Custom Colour. “With so many of our clients and photographers already benefitting from Animoto, plugging into Quickstart is a no-brainer, making it even easier for our clients to create additional products with the images they’re selling through PickPic ProofPro.”

Already an important asset for photography studios across the globe, Animoto continues to develop new and better ways to support professional photographers and the photo industry as a whole. Quickstart represents the first Animoto Partner Platform product for companies that support professional photographers. More information about Animoto Quickstart can be found at

Animoto recently won Professional Photographer Magazine’s 2010 Hot One Award for Best Slideshow / Presentation.

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