Wedding Photographers Called Out for Using a Canon Rebel XTi by Judge Joe Brown

This dispute, which appeared on the Judge Joe Brown TV show, has been making its way around the Interweb.  What makes this ‘trial’ so classic is that Judge Brown knows a thing or two about cameras, lenses and wedding photography.  So, sit back and watch Judge Joe Brown taking these two ladies to task over the quality of wedding photos produced by a Rebel XTi and kit lens.

[via LeggNet]



  1. PROPHOTO says

    Are you kidding me?

    ‘So, sit back and watch Judge Joe Brown taking these two ladies to task over the quality of wedding photos produced by a Rebel XTi and kit lens.’

    I know this is a TV show but there is no reason a judge should be giving his opinion in this way. It is a horrible display and only makes our industry look worse, not better. I am a pro and have been for 14 years, only using the best equipment. Joe doesn’t know sh*t about photography, all he can name is his ‘Pelican’ case. Give me a break. Shouldn’t even be called a Judge cause he isn’t. The photographer in the video obviously isn’t even given a chance to defend herself, no matter how bad her photograph is. The person suing her is lying and Joe doesn’t even care!

    LE had a great post on this and its how we should feel and treat others in our industry!

  2. Stefano says

    The “Judge” is an arrogant, he does not allow her to speak and does not show real proof of the poor quality of the photos. But people shooting weddings on a cheap camera with kit lens are just ruining the industry. also, the few pictures shown have ridiculous unprofessional retouch.

  3. says

    This is what happens when trailer trash hires trailer trash …. overseen by a trailer trash judge.

    Typical American TV.


  4. Funkmon says

    I don’t know what your problems are, guys. It’s an entertainment show, and both people have to AGREE to be on the show. We also don’t know what happened that they cut out. Do you really think trials, even small claims like this, happen in ten minutes? No! There were probably significant things cut out.

    Furthermore, I think the guy at LE’s just being an ass. He seems to just be irritated at entertainment based television, as do all the critics.

    I’m with the judge on this one, tbh.

  5. says

    That judge knew a thing or two about photography and that’s what made the photographer angry.
    She got served :P

  6. ossme says

    Oh, and I’m guilty for not using a 1d series for most of my assignments. In fact I did at least 30 assignments with an XSI and a 17-55mm F2.8. I think he should jail me for that! X)

  7. JosephK says

    Joe, stick with the day job! I wouldn’t believe he was requesting tripod inside. What he will stop time and freeze people and do a laaaaaooong exposure?!

  8. says

    Ass from LE here.

    The problem is three fold.

    1. If she showed crap and delivered crap, then there was no case. Any photographer who thinks it would be a good thing for ‘judges’ to start deciding what is a ‘good’ picture in order for a photographer to be paid… well, hope the hell you know what you are getting into. If she showed a gorgeous book and delivered crap, then she deserves sanction. To make it about any thing else is naive, silly, and to be expected from NON-pros with Flickr delusions of grandeur. This type of case (not all that uncommon, BTW) is always about what was promised versus what was delivered. (Yes, gearheads, there are actual professionals who deal with this kind of thing a lot.)

    2. When someone points out that it is a TV show, I immediately dismiss them as arrogant and self absorbed. Anyone who would think that anyone who has a problem actually thinks it is real is beyond the ability to reason. Sounds good on the internet (anonymous Funkassmonwhatever), but shows a totally unfounded belief they they know more than the people discussing it. This is usually done without acknowledging any other understanding of how viral marketing and mimes are capable of changing personal understanding and context. S’OK, gets lonely in momma’s basement.

    3. The challenge to the ‘entry level’ camera is so laughable as to make one giddy. The ‘entry level’ cameras are way better than the ‘big guns’ of a few years ago. I would shoot with a Rebel or a D90 way faster than a 1DS, or early Nikon… to think different is to not get out of momma’s basement enough.

    Finally, when it becomes fashionable to kick and humiliate other people for amusement, it also becomes incumbent on those with class and humanity to disapprove. There are those who love to laugh at other peoples misery, or challenges. We know who they are. We have seen them at work.

    Disgusting and disgraceful.

    Yep it is a TV show. YES it changes the way people think about interpersonal relationships and if you don’t think there will be photographers dealing with similar instances from halfwitted, but greedy brides, you are simply simple.

    Ass from LE out.

  9. says

    From what I understand, shows like this are actually real, at least in the sense that the case is real and the judgment handed down is legally binding. The audience is made up of paid extras, and (I think…) the participants are paid for their time.

    Still, there’s nothing wrong with shooting on a “low-end” camera. Like Mr Gianatti said, today’s mid-range gear is just the same as yesteryear’s high-end stuff — nothing wrong with using a less competitive camera if it makes you a more effective photographer.

  10. Dave says

    Instead of getting indignant, you should look at the facts of the case. The fact is, she said she was a professional, and gave the client pictures that were fuzzy. As professional photographers, are really going to say that that is acceptable? I’m an amatuer photographer, and I have taken sharper pictures than that! And here is a lesson on human nature. the people that are angriest, are usually the ones that are wrong, know they are wrong, but don’t want to admit they are wrong. And, if you go back and look, you would realize that she doesn’t answer questions directly, she dodges them like a bad politician. She cooked her own goose with her bad attitude.