Seitz Roundshot VR Drive “s”

Seitz Roundshot VR Drive

The Seitz Roundshot VR Drive “s” is a high-speed automated panorama head.  The mount automatically rotates the attached camera and allows it to capture up to 5 frames per second as part of a panoramic image.  The Roundshot VR Drive “s” is available directly from Seitz’s website.

More details in the press release below.

Seitz Roundshot VR Drive “s” Press Release

Lustdorf / Switzerland – 8 February 2010. Swiss company Seitz Phototechnik AG launches a new automated panorama head that sets a new standard in high-speed, consistent 360° photography. The new Roundshot VR Drive “s” – speed – works in a simple, two step process. Firstly, it rotates, completing a revolution in eight seconds, while capturing up to 5 images per second. Secondly, the resulting images are assembled with high-powered stitching software.

The VR Drive’s precision and smooth rotation allows higher resolution panoramas than are achievable with manually operated stitching solutions. Its high processing speed also eliminates the problem of ‘ghosting’ when capturing moving objects such as people or clouds.

The panoramas can be rendered either as cylindrical or spherical images easily and cost-effectively. The VR Drive is compatible with many digital single lens reflex (SLR) cameras and with all lenses, from fisheye to tele lens.

An optional turntable mounted on top of the VR Drive motor can be used for creating object movies. Also, it can be used to produce high-definition videos or time-lapse movies. The VR Drive enables up to 800 positions in one 360° revolution, which is ideal for gigapixel imaging.

In situations where a higher dynamic range is required, the VR Drive’s “quality mode” positions the camera for automatic image bracketing. Using this technique, the subject is photographed several times to obtain a higher dynamic range. These bracketed images can then be combined into a 32-bit HDR image used for 3D-modelling or film production.

At just 1.65 kg, the VR Drive “s” is a lightweight, compact unit that fits into any equipment bag.

The Roundshot VR Drive “s” is available in stock and priced at CHF 2,800 (EUR 1,870). Roundshot photographers with an existing VR Drive can upgrade their unit to the “s” version for CHF 500 (EUR 333).See the VR Drive “s” video on the Roundshot website and get additional product features: