Nikon D3S Firmware Update 1.01

Nikon D3S

Nikon has released a firmware update for the D3S to version 1.01. The new firmware addresses the following issues:

  • Movie recording specifications have been modified as follows and an issue that, in some rare cases, caused movie playback to appear to have stopped has been resolved.
  • When exposure preview is enabled in live view tripod mode, information + histogram display is possible, but the histogram is no longer displayed while movies are recorded.
  • When the live view button is pressed with the Audio Video Cable EG-D2 connected, the image is displayed in both the television and camera monitor, but the camera monitor now turns off during movie recording.
  • The camera monitor turns on again when the Audio Video Cable EG-D2 is disconnected from the camera.
  • Some simplified Chinese menus and help displays have been revised.
  • When some memory cards were inserted in the camera, “CHA” was displayed in the top control panel and images could not be captured. This issue has been resolved.

You can download the D3S firmware via the following links:

D3S Firmware Update 1.01 – Windows

D3S Firmware Update 1.01 – Macintosh