Jalbum Launches Browser-based Version

Jalbum Browser Version

Jalbum, a web photo album software, has launched a browser-based version of the software, which will allow you to create a photo album straight from your browser.  Additional info in the press release below.

Jalbum Press Release

Stockholm, January 28, 2010. Today, photo-sharing service Jalbum.net launches a browser-based version of their immensely popular desktop application for creating web photo albums. The new version requires no download or installation of software. It works straight in your browser at http://jalbum.net/create.

The Jalbum desktop software has enabled photo hobbyists and professionals alike to publish more than 28 million photo albums. Jalbum stands out from the crowd by offering full creative control of the photo album presentation. The new browser based version includes 90 designs in the initial launch. The developer community supporting Jalbum continuously adds more designs. “Our community of users continues to drive the development of Jalbum. More than 5,000 people have been part of the beta-testing program, helping to shape today’s release. The new version of Jalbum will make it far easier for people to publish their first photo album”, says Carl Manneh, CEO of Jalbum.

Online photo editing by Pixlr.com

This release also includes an exciting new partnership with photo editing extraordinaire Pixlr.com. Pixlr is integrated with Jalbum for a seamless user experience. Jalbum users will enjoy easy photo editing within the browser application, to make their pictures shine.

About Jalbum

Jalbum has enabled amateur and professional photographers alike to publish more than 28 million photo albums. With Jalbum you easily create your own photo album site, and publish it anywhere. The first version of Jalbum software was released as a hobby project by founder David Ekholm in 2002 and has been granted numerous awards from companies like Softpedia, About.com, Download.com and Tucows. For high-resolution pictures and additional info, please contact Carl Manneh: