Tamrac Speedpack 75 and 85

The Tamrac Speedpack 75 and Speedpack 85 are camera backpacks that feature a side flap for quick access by rolling the pack off one shoulder and sliding the pack in front of you.

The Speedpacks are made from a tough fabric throughout, along with waterproof zippers.  The Speedpack 75 can hold a DSLR with a 7.5″ lens attached, along with a couple of other lenses and accessories.  The Speedpack 85 adds a little extra storage space to tote a DSLR with a 70-200mm lens attached and and extra lens or two.  The Speedpack 85 also has a laptop pouch that can hold a 17″ laptop.

The Speedpack bags have a tough zipper with a weatherproof seal.  There’s also a flap that overlaps the zipper for added protection.

Both bags are divided into an upper and lower section.  The lower section has the dividers and pouches for the camera, lenses and accessories.  The upper section is more open for additional gear or other stuff to lug around.

The Speedpack 75 runs about $90 on Amazon, while the Speedpack 85 runs about $120.