Canon Patent Application Shows Sensor-Based Image Stabilization

Canon Sensor Stabilization

In addition to the dual image viewfinder system in the recently-published Canon patent applications, the Canon applications also reveal a mechanism for sensor-based image stabilization in a DSLR.  Again, the application numbers are 12/495,813 and 12/495,814, and were each filed on July 1, 2009 and published by the USPTO on January 7, 2010.

The relevant description in the patent notes the following:

“The camera performs an image capturing operation.  In this state, an image stabilization mechanism, which is connected to the stabilization control circuit, can shift and rotate the image sensor in a predetermined direction to cancel the blur of an image.  Thus, the image stabilization mechanism can prevent the image from shifting undesirably and lowering the resolution.” – USPTO App. No. 12/495,813 at ¶ [0049]

Again, these patent applications specifically deal with the functionality of a dual image viewfinder system.  This portion of the patent claims was mentioned almost in passing and does not appear to be a material part of these patent applications.

Given Canon’s past marketing claims concerning the superiority of lens-based stabilization systems, however, I found this mention in Canon’s patent worth noting separately.

As I have said before though, this does not necessarily mean that Canon is producing a camera with a sensor-based stabilization system.

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