Pana-Vue Pana-Scan

Pana-Vue Pana-Scan

The Pana-Vue Pana-Scan is a budget-friendly slide, 35mm and 110 negative film scanner.  The Pana-Scan converts film and slides to 5MP digital images, which are stored on an SD card that you can then import to your PC or Mac.  The Pana-Scan connects to your computer via USB 2.0 and includes Arc-Soft Media Impression as editing software.

The Pana-Scan carries a street price of around $100.  Check availability on

More details in the press release below.

Pana-Vue Pana-Scan Press Release

We all know how many slides and negatives people have in drawers and shoeboxes. We ALL have them. They represent cherished memories that we would love to see and share with our friends and families. We’re just waiting for an easy, affordable way to turn them into digital images so we can view them, email them, print them, store and organize them, etc.

Pana-Vue® offers a solution!

The Pana-Vue® Pana-Scan™ Slide & Film Scanner is a simple, easy to use device that enables you to quickly and easily convert your cherished  35mm slides and negatives, and 110 negatives into high resolution 5 megapixel digital images at the push of a button without the need for a computer.
The Pana-Vue® Pana-Scan™ Slide & Film Scanner gives you an easy way to print, share, email, archive and store all of your precious images and memories.

The low cost Pana-Vue® Pana-Scan™ Slide & Film Scanner allows you to digitize your images in your home or office without having to use high priced outside services. Just load the slides or negatives into the carriers supplied, view them on the 2.4” TFT screen, and press the button. They are instantly digitized and saved on the SD card you have inserted in the Pana-Scan™.

The Pana-Vue® Pana-Scan™ Slide & Film Scanner is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7, and MAC operating systems. It uses a USB 2.0 port on your computer for both communication and power when you use it to read your images from the SD card.
The Pana-Vue®  Pana-Scan™ Slide & Film Scanner comes complete with:

– Arc-Soft Media Impression for MAC and PC to allow you to edit, crop and            enhance your photos,
– Slide Holder, Negative Holders (35mm and 110), Cleaning Brush.

– AC adapter
– USB cable to plug into your computer’s USB 2.0 port,

The Pana-Vue® Pana-Scan™ Slide & Film Scanner provides a great, inexpensive activity that will be especially enjoyed during family evenings sitting around and organizing their kids’, parents’, and grandparents’ pictures. Pana-Scan is a great way to bring the generations together and let the whole family share their own “family photo history”.

The Pana-Vue® Pana-Scan™ Slide & Film Scanner is available from retailers nationwide.