DSLR Know-How with Tamron

Tamron recently started a new video learning series on YouTube.  The series will be comprised of 1-minute videos geared toward new DSLR owners (like the above intro video) and will be added on a weekly basis to Tamron’s YouTube channel.

You can get more details about the new educational directive in the press release below or head over to Tamron’s YouTube channel to see if you want to subscribe for future updates.

Tamron Press Release

January 11, 2010, Commack, NY – Tamron USA, Inc. has just announced a free new learning program that’s specifically targeted at first-time Digital SLR owners, but also likely to appeal to a broad spectrum of shooters including experienced enthusiasts, and those who simply want to get a better handle on all the exciting features built into their new Digital SLR cameras. Starting on January 18, 2010, and every Monday for 12 weeks, Tamron will release an entertaining and informative one-minute episode of “DSLR Know How with Tamron” on YouTube that’s designed to bring picture-takers up to speed in getting the most out of their equipment.

“In just one minute per week you can learn the basics of successful photography at no cost,” notes John VanSteenberg, Tamron’s Senior Education Manager. “Each of these one-minute demonstrations is designed to overcome uncertainty, inform, and dramatically raise the success rate of photographers, particularly those who consider themselves to be novices or new to digital SLR cameras.”

The lighthearted, fact-filled video episodes, presented by professional photographer and instructor Andre Costantini, cover essential topics, such as Intro to DSLRs, White Balance, Autofocus, Using Scene Modes, RAW vs. JPEG, and much more. All contain a wealth of solid, useful information, compiled by leading experts and presented in straightforward, easy-to-understand language. The goal is to expand the viewers’ knowledge base as quickly as possible while providing a fun learning experience. We believe that followers who watch the entire series will be able to take their creative DSLR skill sets to a whole new level of picture-taking success.

“Once the  ‘DSLR 101’ series is posted, we will follow it up with a ‘202’ and ‘303’ series covering more sophisticated techniques, creating, in effect, a unique easy learning center,” says VanSteenberg. “The release schedule of weekly introductions allows viewers to try out the techniques and build a base of knowledge that creates a foundation for success. Tamron is acclaimed as a manufacturer of innovative high-performance camera lenses, but we also want to position ourselves as a leader in photo education. That helps raise the bar for everyone, including, of course, our valued customers.”

The Tamron YouTube videos can be found on the TamronVids Channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/TamronVids, and there will be weekly links posted on the Tamron website (www.tamron.com) as well as on Facebook and Twitter. To access the series, followers can subscribe to the Tamron YouTube Channel and/or follow it on Twitter and Facebook to find out when the videos are posted. The evolving Tamron Teachable Moments video learning series is ultimately targeted at anyone with a passion for DSLR photography. That includes shooters who feel challenged by the awesome capabilities of their new cameras, old hands who want to take a refresher course, and anyone who wants to enhance their skills and have a more rewarding picture-taking experience. Fortunately this is the Digital Era, so empowerment is only a click away!