Pointless Example of Canon 1D Mark IV Shutter Speed at 10 fps

This video of the Canon 1D Mark IV firing at 10 frames per second is mostly pointless; however, I still find myself watching it over and over thanks to the gadget nut in me.

Looks a little grainy, doesn’t it?  That’s because it was shot at ISO 25600 on a Nikon D3S.  A single overhead tungsten bulb supplied the light.

Stay tuned for more serious content on both of these new work horses.  In the mean time, watch the video again. ;-)



  1. says

    Sounds like a machine gun. I would prefer a 1Dmk4 over D3s anytime if it doesn’t have that stupid 1.3x crop factor,
    This 1.3x makes it suitable just for sports shooting and portrait. But for everything else it’s useless, i mean you can’t use any lens as a general purpose zoom. use the 24-105mm L and it gives you crappy wide angel