Polaroid PIC 1000

Polaroid PIC 1000

Polaroid film died a while back, but then was reborn with plans to re-release the old instant film cameras and the famous Color 600 instant film.  We got our first sneak peek at what the new Polaroid film cameras will look like when they hit the storefronts later this year.  It looks like Polaroid will be offering some unique finishes for the new instant shooter, including a wood-grain finish as shown in the mockup above.  The new camera will be called the PIC 1000 and should cost less than $100.

Supported by a strategic relationship with Summit Global Group, a longtime Polaroid partner, and The Impossible Project, the manufacturer of classic film for Polaroid film cameras, Polaroid will offer a completely redesigned, modern version of the Polaroid OneStep camera, the PIC 1000. The PIC 1000 will be available in a range of fun colors and use classic Polaroid Color 600 Instant Film to produce the brand’s classic white border instant pictures. The Polaroid Color 600 Instant Film will work with both classic and new Polaroid cameras and will be offered in packs of 10 pictures. The new classic PIC 1000 camera and instant color film will be available at national retailers in 2010. -Polaroid Press Release



  1. Roelf van Heerden says

    Very interesting. I still have my old Polaroid, but no film!!
    Do you know if the new film wil fit in the old camara?

  2. says

    What a crap idea…we need polaroid 669, not this old rubbish.
    Great, who is stupid enough to spend THAT kind of money on a camera
    they will use once, until the stupidly expensive film runs out and they can’t afford to buy anymore. 669 for the real appreciation of polaroid…polaroid transfer… I just put out a book called Sex, Lies and the Single Mannequin (All Polaroid Transfer) on Blurb.com if you guys want to review it? It’s very exciting!
    Eliot Siegel

  3. Gjd says

    Just what the consumer wants, old product, more colors. Why not just make a digital camera that can print polaroids? It can even come in leopard color

  4. says

    Who cares what the outside of the camera looks like (although I won’t complain about good design) I want to know how the images will turn out! Are they going to be the ever-so-beautiful squares with a little edgy white space border again, or the not-so-cool rectangles?? Hmmm… Hopefully something will be released soon!

  5. 100$? says

    This polaroid is pretty interesting but is a bit overpriced, imho… After all is not a reflex camera like the old good SX-70.

  6. Gregg (he who juices cactus!) says

    I AGREE 100% WITH ELIOT, and every unsubtle adjective he slings at the rinky-dink 600 and SX-70 crowd. These extremely poor quality so-called “integral” films scream POOR-BROKE-AMATEUR. No wonder, since these products are being bought not by PROS, but by kids in their teens and early 20’s barely out of high school. Want proof? Just look at the pictures they’re taking: CLICHE, TEEN-ANGST GARBAGE OF THEMSELVES AND THEIR WEEPY FRIENDS. Accordingly, the market for these products is ridiculously insignificant and the pictures being made rank right up there with the usefulness of used bubble gum wrappers and toothpicks. Don’t believe me? When was the last time you saw a slew of SX-70 “ever-so-beautiful squares with a little edgy white space border” occupying the walls of a reputable art gallery? Professional artists, curators, and commercial shooters are only interested in real-world applications. Products like Polaroid Type 55, 665, 69 and 669 are the only ones that ever mattered and those ones are GONE for good people. All this hoopla created by POLACRAPIUM, aka: the IMPLAUSIBLE PROJEKT over so-called “new” amateur polaroid materials and cameras is simple marketing hype aimed at pre-pubescent DIRT-BROKE kiddies like JORDAN. Want to see your teenage kid’s cootchie posted online? Just follow the cute little squares to their blog, you know, the same place where they post their dippy fairy art? If you want to see real-world work created by ADULTS try a google image search with ‘ Polaroid 55 ‘. SEE the difference, APPRECIATE the difference, KNOW the difference. ‘Nuff said.

  7. Kobie Latcham says

    Hi there,

    I am highly interested in purchasing one of this fabulous PIC 1000 polaroid cameras. I have two of the old ones as i collect cameras. I would love to add ones of these to my collection!

    Could you please tell me when these will be released & to what stores? I am from Sydney, Australia.

    It would be greatly appreciated!

    Kindest Regards,
    Kobie Latcham

  8. Moochie says

    Gregg, respectfully, you might wanna think about getting out more. There are MANY professional photographic artists who use instant film, including using old & new Polaroid cameras & various film, to create some spectacular images.

    Why would any photographer ever want to limit the medium they use? Sure, digital has it’s advantages but film is still a viable medium & should not be discarded, in any form. While it may be your experience that a few “weepy teens” use instant film, in my experience it is used by serious, talented, & forward-looking artists who never cease to amaze me with their work!

    Besides, the new Fuji Instax instant film is FAR superior to what you remember from your old Polaroid Pronto. I’ve scanned credit card sized Instax shots & blown them up quite large with great success & they look wonderful. It’s fine if it’s not your thing but you don’t speak for the rest of us!

    I say, any camera that can keep instant film alive for those of us who enjoy using it & are inspired by it, is a good thing! More power to Polaroid!

  9. Adam says

    Dear Gregg, I have to disagree with your view points. But I will agree that they need to bring back more old film cameras and film like the Polaroid 669, etc. I also hate the word Pro and Amateur Artist. I have seen may works of art by Amateur that I thought was better then the pros and vice-versa. Art is a Universal thing I feel that too many people put too much focus on professional and Amateur. If the art is good it will speak for itself. But calling the Polaroid 600 not a form of art, I feel trashes the meaning of art. Its not the greatest film, but you can still make art. I will also agree that many teenagers will shoot photos of their friends, but who are we to say that it is not art to them. I have study art for the past few years and everyone has there own views on what they consider art, I used to be one of them until I open my eyes to the world around me and realized, there is so many things that can be considered art. From Glass blowing, photography, painting, etc, whether it be from amateurs or pro. There are so many forms of art overlooked and for that I lose faith in those who go to see art but overlook the art that is right in front of them. I guess what I am trying to say, who cares if pros use it or not. Art is Art, let those who want to make art with the Polaroid 600, or Digital photography, or 35mm, or even the Polaroid Type 55, make their own art, sometime the beauty is in the lack of quality in the film, instead of the quality of the film.

  10. says

    I really like it! I hope everybody can get some old feeling back. We have lost the unique part of a polaroid picture, now the young people can enjoy it also.

  11. LVILL13 says

    umm mostly people really want the 600 color film… but whats the point of the pic 1000 polaroid is it suposed to be a better working design or much of a design that “looks better” … really i want to know so reply back please

  12. Danny says

    Hello there!
    I’ve been waiting for the PIC 1000 all year, does anyone know when will it be available for purchasing?

  13. Dave C says

    Warhol took Polaroids. I saw an exhibit of some from the late 1970s recently.

    I cannot cannot CANNOT wait for this new camera and film and I just hope the new film works in the old cameras.

    Dave in Maine

  14. brandi says

    just to add onto Adam.. I would like to just point out to Greg that so what if kids or anyone for that matter use the camera to take pictures of their friends? maybe you forgot the whole other side of a camera.. a camera can be used to create a memory that can be viewed for almost forever. if the kids want to take pictures of their friends, then who are you to complain about it? not
    to mention polaroids are great, fun, simple and easy ways to introduce young children into the world of photography. especially if they can appreciate the meaning and use of ALL cameras and film. not just specific types. you’re just being ignorant to the whole idea and point of this new camera.

  15. Karl. says

    I’m from England and I bought one of the new Polaroid 300s (which we’re all aware is just a rebranded Fuji Mini Instax), but I’d just like to help answer a few questions in this rant:

    I bought the Polaroid 300 from Play.com, and have subsequently had real difficulty actually finding affordable 300 film for it.

    So I emailed Polaroid, and they replied this evening basically saying that they were sorry I was having difficulty finding the film, but they have no control/influence over supplies in Europe etc, as the camera is only really for America (cut to me feeling Very annoyed having spent £80 on the camera, and then at least £50 on a few packs of film).

    They said that the new 1000 camera will be out hopefully in the last quarter of the year, so realistically December time I believe (in time for Christmas probably), but I’d just like people to know not only how annoyed I am as a consumer, but also how ridiculously let down I feel as a fan by Lady Gaga. As there is literally not a single shop in the entire UK where I have been able to go and physically purchase 300 film; and Amazon.co.uk, Play.com, and Johnlewis.com are always ‘out of stock’, because greedy people are bulk buying it and hawking the price up, thereby making it impossible to actually get any film.

    This is especially annoying in that this is the exact same problem as the 600 film; the whole point of the 300 was to relaunch Polaroid and make it more accessible, so this current problem of the 300 being replaced by the 1000 is therefore particularly, cruely, ironic.

    I would also just like to state that I am also not some random consumer attracted to Polaroid suddenly because of their famous creative director, as I also have an old 600 camera, which I sadly don’t use as I find the Impossible Project film over-priced and awful, in truth. Their black and white is not black and white, or even sepia; and the colour one for 600 looks even more ridiculous.
    Sorry! Mini-rant over! And I hope that helps or in the least was interesting, so I now find myself in the situaton of having to sell my 300 because they’ll likely stop making the film, and waiting for the 1000 later this year. … Let down by polaroid, let down by Lady gaga. Left out of pocket for being an eager consumer, Polaroid fan, and music fan.

  16. says

    Karl- excellent insight, sir- thanks. i was curious about exactly these points, and I appreciate you taking the time. I’m deep polaroid film and feel the same way about TIP film. I’ve recently fallen in love with the fuji instax mini- good fun that one.

  17. denissr says

    Can’t wait until it hits the shelves. Used the 600 on production line to train employees how to spot and fix mistakes on furniture finishing.

  18. xavier says

    that is such a cool idea! I just love polaroid 600, and I cannot wait to buy the film. I just hope that the film will be better than what Impossible Project has in stock. I find the black and white film quite good, but their colour film just sucks big time! the pictures you take with that are blue and white and they call that colour film! I also hope the film will be available in Canada.
    Karl, I do not think they will stop selling 300 film, as they do not make it, it is Fuji’s Instax mini. I think you should try buying Instax mini on e-bay, the prices are very good.

  19. Brett says


    Really, who cares, im not a proffessional, im a teen, but i like taking photo’s, the idea of taking a photo is to keep a memory, so what if i want to take a photo of me and my friends. Its my memory, i dont see how that affects you or why you feel the need to put down this camera.

    You really must not have a very enjoyable life if you feel the need to leave comments such as that.

  20. Wooo! says

    This is pretty cool! I cannot wait to get one, but I honestly hope that they do not go over the top with film prices, and make really make it worth our while!

  21. M. says

    @ Greg and others:

    Cameras can be for many things. One of those things is [wait for it] art and creative expression. What is the point in comparing one artisitic medium to another? What’s the point in comparing acrylic and water color, or film and digital? Really, what’s the point? They both have strengths and weaknesses, they both are beautiful in the right hands.

    Honestly, Greg, you sound really angry for a person who will probably never buy an instant camera. Why do you want to put down people who are having fun?

    As for the new instant camera, I’m excited about it, but I hope Polaroid doesn’t kill the market for it.

  22. Jolie says

    It’s December and still waiting for the launch of the Polaroid 1000, anyone know when this will be?

  23. Teng says

    The film will most probably from impossible project. also, if they can’t hit the shelf by christmas, most likely it will never release. hence by prepared…