Sigma SD15 Release in February 2010?

Sigma SD15

The latest rumor surrounding the Sigma SD15 (a camera that has been officially “announced”) have it set for release in February 2010.  That would make it roughly 2 years since the first rumors of this camera surfaced, and 1.5 years since the camera was officially announced by Sigma.

The Sigma SD15 replaces the Foveon-equipped Sigma SD14, which has been on the market since 2006.

Sigma SD15 Official Specs

  • 14-megapixels (2,652 x 1,768 x 3 layers)
  • 3.0″ LCD
  • “True II” new image processing engine
  • SD card compatibility

[DPR forums via Photo Rumors]



  1. DaMan says

    I think with “real” 4.6 Mega Pixel it is not a real competition – is the 14 Mega’s not fooling to gullible?

  2. Alan Hyatt says

    I hope the new SIGMA SD15 at least must be better specs than current Canon EOS 50D and Nikon D300. Adding a video mode is not a must but the price must be comparable to current SIGMA SD14 which is approx. USD$700.00

    My wish of improvement in Sigma SD15 are:

    1) Image resolution: 19 million total pixels
    18 million effective pixels

    2) Continuous shooting: 6.5 fps

    3) 100% Pentaprism viewfinder

    4) Auto focus: 11-Point

    5) Add sensor auto-cleaning system

    6) Add live view with AF such as face dectection mode

    7) To have two options: one with HD 1080 Video and one without video

    8) Equip with 3.0 ” TFT LCD 920,000 pixels

    9) Dual Card Slots- CF+ SD

    10)Full magnesium alloy body with 100% weather proof and shutter life 150K cycles

    I believe with those features I mentioned above, it will enable Sigma SD15 to compete within the mid-range DSLR such as Canon 50D or Nikon D300/D300s

  3. Eug_player says

    if 6 mp * 3 layers and speed like nikon d90 or more high
    then i’d by it(1000$ +-200$)

    sorry fo my English

  4. Josh says

    Worth noting, that while Sigma’s claims of 14MP are misleading, the truth is that all camera makers are misleading when it comes to pixel counts. a 14MP Bayer camera records the same amount of information as 14MP SD14 — the difference is that the Sigma doesn’t make any guesses and gives you an image resolution of 4.6MP, where as the Bayer camera makes guesses and creates a 14MP image — but 66% of that image is guessed at. Bayer cameras have image processors that are very good at interloping, and in many cases produce higher resolution pictures than the current Sigmas. However, in many cases, the Sigma captures more detail even at lower final resolution, especially in things with bands of red across blue or vice-a-versa (for example a bottle bush against a blue sky).

    My Sigma wish list for a future camera (not likely to be the SD15):

    * available with interchangeable lens mount — I see the camera as a compliment to a bayer camera such as my D700, and it’d be great if I could use my Nikon mount lenses on it.

    * full frame with about 7.5MP final image size (22.5MP by Sigma marketing). This would make pixels that were slightly bigger, which would help with ISO sensitivity.

    * I’d like improved auto focus and metering, but the two features above are my big ones.