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Canon SX20 IS

The Canon SX20 IS features a 20x optical zoom lens and is paired with a 12-megapixel sensor.  As a point & shoot camera, it is often referred to as a “bridge” camera, somewhere between compact cameras that go in your pocket and the even larger DSLRs that use interchangeable lenses.

The SX20 IS offers many advanced features that help it live up to the “bridge” camera designation, including a hotshoe for using external flashes (like the Canon 270EX), 720p HD video capture and high quality UD glass in the lens.  Speaking of the lens, the 20x stabilized zoom lens covers the equivalent focal length of 28-560mm on a traditional 35mm-format camera.

For the sake convenience, the Canon SX20 IS uses (4) AA batteries for power.  While you can pop in alkaline batteries that can be found virtually anywhere, I would recommend using rechargeable batteries to ease the cost of use over the long term.

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Canon SX20 IS Press Release Statement

When consumers are looking for a camera with a powerful zoom that is lightweight and easy-to-use, the PowerShot SX-series should be top-of-mind. Consumers can get a close-up shot without sitting in the front row and be assured images will be of superb quality. The latest additions to the SX-series are the PowerShot SX20 IS and PowerShot SX120 IS.

Canon PowerShot SX20 IS Digital Camera


  • A 12.1-Megapixel sensor with a high-powered 20x wide-angle Optical Zoom lens and Optical Image Stabilizer to help reduce camera shake and achieve magnificent images whether up close or far away.
  • The ability to shoot superb 720p (30 fps) HD video with HDMI output to share high-quality videos of memorable moments with family and friends.
  • A 2.5-inch vari-angle PureColor System LCD allowing for easy on-camera viewing of images and menus at nearly every angle while also having a viewfinder.
  • AA batteries for easy power-up and replacement.

Scheduled to be available in September, the PowerShot SX20 IS Digital Camera retails for an estimated price of $399.99.



  1. kegbb2i3h says

    I just bought this camera and am generally satisfied, I didn’t want to buy a more expensive digital slr, but I wanted zoom and manual controls. I thought I’d save $50/100 by not buying the top of the line superzoom, and I liked the fact the sx20 uses standard aa batteries (I use aa rechargables) not a manufacturer’s custom rechargeable battery.

    The down side: there is not as much control over the depth of field as I hoped because (skipping the technical details) the small lens focal length /aperatures just don’t give you the same ability you get with larger typical slr sized lens. There are no threads for filters (just ridges for the lens cap to grop) so I am spending any money I saved compared to the best superzooom on a filter adapter and the 58 mm filters that fit the adapter (I already have 52 mm filters).

    Otherwise it is a great camera, and I am satisfied with it. I used to do a lot of 35 mm photography and I wanted something that I can use catch up on the recent developments in digital photography without spending a lot more money.

  2. kegbb2i3h says

    Two more gripes about the sx20is: the lens cap doesn’t have a tether, it clips to the camera strap, and the manual is on cd and if you want a paper version you have to print it yourself.

  3. Randall Haugen says

    I just upgraded from the SX10,So far I am impressed.Not a whole lot of upgrades at first sight but if you read the manual and experiment this camera will take pro grade pictures,Video is better than the SX10 also.
    If you are careful you can use filters in the threads,I do wish Canon would just put real threads in these cameras,for the price they should have them just to protect the lens.
    So,so far so good with the SX20.Paid 335.00 at Newegg for mine.

  4. Richard Kealy says

    Amen to all the above. Love the camera but the “no Cap string’ or thread for a lens UV or adapter. Surely Canon could have provided those at the Price they charge. Also the manual provided is flimsy and yes i had to download the actual manual, bummer. Heck, even my Nikon D5000 did not have a Cap string provided. Guess they are all cutting back.
    Otherwise great in between camera and the pictures are awsome right from Auto.