Nikon D700 Replacement Hints

A reader sent in the following tip concerning a survey request sent to registered Nikon D700 owners.

On 12/3/2009, I took an official survey from Nikon. The survey was very extensive covering technical and user refinements for the D700 FX.

The survey asked such questions on pixel count 15 mg or higher, iso (Broad ISO sensitivity low and high), 100% viewfinder coverage, possibly better auto focus and fps ranging from 5 and higher.

see below: invite to take survey

Dear xxxxxx:

We hope you have been enjoying your Nikon camera! Your comments and opinions are important to us and we would appreciate you taking a moment to complete a digital camera usage survey which will help us develop future products. Click the button below to take the survey:

Thank you for your time. No personal identifiable information will be collected or used. It may take up to 15 minutes to complete this survey and the survey will only be available through December 11, 2009 (PST). The survey site is managed by our Japanese research firm so the URL will not be a “Nikon” web site.

It’s important to note that many manufacturers will use such surveys at various stages in the R&D process.  And, since Nikon isn’t open about what is coming in the months ahead, we’re left with our own interpretation as to what such information actually means.

What we can glean from this survey, however, is assurance that Nikon is listening to photographers and asking very relevant questions to an informed user base, many of whom will be the target market for the next “upgrade” on whatever the Nikon D700 replacement turns out to be.

So, did anyone else take the survey, or have thoughts, insights as to what will/won’t become of the Nikon D700 replacement?

[Thanks Vic]



  1. Roderick says

    I didn’t take the survey, but I think it’s great that Nikon appears to be actively soliciting it’s customer’s opinions and insights for future product development.

  2. says

    I got and took the survey last week. My suggestions were to add the same improvements that the D3s. An increase in megapixels was recommended but only if it didn’t take away from image quality.

    Nikon’s video on the DSLRs is still behind Canon and if they could make the leap to be at the same standard with the D700s (If it will be called that) then that would be a huge step forward. I also suggested better audio import options for video as well.

    The survey could really only be a formality as Nikon has to already know what direction it will be taking the new camera, and logic dictated that it will reflect the D3s. So the survey may just be to confirm their decisions and possibly see if they forgot any simple improvements.

  3. says

    I wished there was a silent modes where i could shoot without making noice. I do not need to have full speed, so why not add a feature for do a slow mirror up?

  4. says

    The Nikon D700 replacement is the single most anticipated development in 35mm digital photography by advanced amateur and professional users. Canon has already introduced that level camera but many serious photographers wait on Nikon. Nikon cannot stall much longer if it is to maintain their place in this industry or even enhance it’s position. The Nikon D3 replacement was successful but cannot generate the sales to help do much other than give Nikon bragging rights. NASA chose the D3s in space. Most of us will just have to wait for the D700s or D800!

  5. says

    I cannot wait for the D700 replacement. I keep reading its supposed to have the D3s sensor but I dont think Nikon will think its necessary to place a camera with the same sensor so close to the top. Id be stoked to see at least 16-20 MP with an advancement in the Noise Department. I want it NOW though. I started my business with 2 D90’s and I now find myself dreaming of a Full Frame. HURRY UP NIKON!!!

  6. says

    Starting a business with two Nikon D90s is smart. That camera is awesome and probably the best bang for the buck. Which is what business should always TRY to do! I believe right now it is the best DX camera for the money, bar none.
    We eagerly await a Nikon FX best bang for the buck. Canon’s Mark 5 DII is making real inroads in the serious amateur and professional field. Eventually I will go FX for a lot of my business use, keeping DX cameras like the D90 and D300s for wildlife and other places I need long lenses but cannot tolerate the cost and weight of the wrist breaking and budget destroying Nikon telephoto lenses. After the Nikkor 70-300 VR there is nothing sensible left and the usability of the camera on FX is somewhat diminished although the earlier non-VR lenses on Nikon F5 took one of my most published shots. That exact lenses will be my longest glass used when I switch to FX I think.

  7. K says

    The survey is both good news and bad news.

    Good news because Nikon just showed us that they give a damn of our requirements and suggestions.

    Bad news because such surveys are usually undertaken before the product development. If they are surveying right now, God knows how much time they would take in finalizing the specs, developing, manufacturing, launching and distributing the new model.

    I would say at least a year, hope I am wrong.

  8. says

    To K,

    I sure hope Nikon is sooner to a launch on this than you suggest as Nikon has been receiving these strong signals from advanced amateurs and part time pros for quite awhile.

  9. says

    Nikon has to get the D800 right.

    I’m hoping for 16 mp FX with iso/noise equal to D3s plus canon quality video and no stupid pop up flash. The dynamic range on the D3x is amazing and anything equal to that would be perfect on the D800. A fast frame rate, 8 per second, and large buffer memory, plus in-camera double exposure HDR, all at a price comparable with the Canon D5 mk2. I’m going to be disappointed because even though I’m sure Nikon could make this camera, it would replace the entire current pro range of Nikons.