New Book: The Portrait

The Portrait

The Portrait is a new book from Glenn Rand and Tim Meyer, which, as you might expect, focuses on portrait photography.

The Portrait retails for $34.95; however, it can currently be had on Amazon for $23.07.

Additional info in the press release below.

The Portrait Press Release

Santa Barbara, CA—Glenn Rand, longtime photographic educator and Program Director for Graduate Programs at Brooks Institute, and Tim Meyer, Portrait Division Chair at Brooks Institute, have collaborated to create a thorough and balanced textbook on the modern techniques and practice of portrait photography. In The Portrait (Rocky Nook, $34.95 USD) they have avoided the single-style viewpoint common to so many books on portraiture and have crafted a definitive resource for professionals, as well as students and avid amateurs, wishing to advance their skills in this discipline.

Topics include:

* Quality of light and the portrait
* Ambient, continuous, and strobe light sources
* Understanding light modifiers and enhancers
* Mastering lighting ratios
* Importance and selection of backgrounds
* Extensive coverage of lighting setups
* Understanding light meters and metering in portraiture
* Lighting patterns on the human face
* Facial analysis
* Composition in portraiture
* Eliciting the appropriate expression
* The fine art portrait
* Portraiture for the masses

About the Authors

Glenn Rand is an artist with international acceptance. His photographs are in the collections of more than two dozen museums and public collection in the United States, Europe and Japan. Included are the Detroit Institute of Art and the Kresge Art Center, He has also exhibit widely with exhibitions throughout the United States.

Glenn has published and lectured extensively about photography and digital imaging ranging from commercial aesthetics to the technical fine points of Black and White photography. Books written include Black and White Photography and Digital Photographic Capture.

Presently Dr. Rand is the program director of the graduate program at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California.

Photographer, educator and writer, Tim Meyer is passionate about the field of photography. With over 30 years as a professional photographer he currently serves as the Portrait Division Chair at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. while continuing to operate his custom portrait and wedding business.

Holder of Professional Photographers of America’s coveted Masters and Craftsman degrees Tim has also been awarded a Master of Arts degree in Fine Art Photography. As a member of Fuji Film Internationals Pro-Elite and Talent Teams, Tim lectures internationally and is a contributing editor to Rangefinder Magazine.

In addition to numerous one-man exhibitions of his fine art work, Tim’s photography has been internationally recognized for its innovative style and technique.